Eve online Drake solo pvp

Hey:) fights vs harbi and next drake:) Enjoy!^^ PS this is my first film so be nice for me^^ drake kill: nnpl.griefwatch.net harbi kill: nnpl.griefwatch.net

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  • companymen42 says:

    that looked like an easy fight, the guy was mining before hand and didn’t have enough guns

  • ThePanther20009 says:

    knew it was gonna be a good vid as soon as i heard Pendulum playing. Pendulum FTW! Drake FTW!

  • xxmat1990xx says:

    nah i always turn them off when they are close to “die” :D

  • shai4ais says:

    did you forgot to turn off the overload? you risked frying them

  • TheCoCkTa1l says:

    I hate it when they don’t shoot back.

  • Exxus1337 says:

    PvP means Player versus Player.. noob or Pro who cares ;)

  • xxmat1990xx says:

    heavy assault missile launcher tech 2:p

  • Rumpel72 says:

    what type od rocketluncher are you use?

  • xxmat1990xx says:

    sorry man but that is pvp…pvp = player vs player…and i don’t think he is computer xD and if you convo ppl and asking them if they having pvp “setup” always when yo usee somebody on belt then that is your choice^^

  • gauncik says:

    its not pvp
    its catching totally newbie player on belt and pwning harbringer without rigs.
    Change title because its not pvp :)

  • Bucifer100 says:

    not my much,their main advantage is more damage on low signature targets.but way less range

  • natzilllla1 says:

    i would think that fitting the drake with damping mods and staying out of the range would be better then getting up close?

  • joseshar says:

    Heavies may get more range, but ultimately, if you’re in PVP, you should be right up close and personal to the other ship, if you want to operate a scrambler. In that case, the HAM’s will spew damage like no other

  • xxmat1990xx says:

    yes that is true but… less dmg:p

  • Acerouge95 says:

    the heavy missles get better range!

  • iGraeme says:

    whats the name of the song ? ^_^

  • xxmat1990xx says:

    Pendulum - hold your colour :)

  • AcidCH says:

    Nice video quality -.-

  • startide says:

    Which is exactly what’s happening here. that harbinger has let himself being catched up by some ships in PVP : he is fighting them on their terms and is at a disavantage.

    But in 1 on 1, their is still a great deal of strategy and piloting. Try using an interceptor and see if piloting is not a key of your victory.

    UMAGA I orbit at 15km and get owned all the time… People piloting like a noob shouldnt expect the game to be easy on them :)

  • startide says:

    That’s the same in every single MMO, the best your equipment the better you are. Although as in most games, skill (your piloting skill I mean) will have a great impact on the outcome of the battle.

    Eve online is of course about fittings, but it’s also about outthinking your opponents. that means : you want to fight them under your rules, not theirs ! Meaning : study them, learn how they work, and plan your strike to work on their weaknesses.

  • winterhear says:

    Pendulum : Hold your colour (same named album i think)

  • BROSUhnTiss says:

    grats on getting kills with 2v1′s and killing non pvp spec ships by the look of it. i really want to see more pvps like this great job man o7

  • merkonerko2 says:

    HAMs ftw

  • C0TAY says:

    Obviously ship fitting is important. The weapons you use are more important in every game. Derp.

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