EVE Online-Don’t mine in my wormhole

So these two guys jump in and start mining. So, I did what any self-respecting Stealth Bomber pilot would do, and I blew their asses into Oblivion.

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  • serialkiller2476 says:

    afk ^^

  • Doom4hazo says:

    I won’t mine in your wormhole… o.o For another two years or so… Then we can eat each others stealth snacks all day XD. and your response to Gameboiboi from like 5 months ago actually helped me out, thank you! lol

  • kar351 says:

    2 hours to use probes??? lol

  • richard05105 says:

    Are you stupid? I didn’t target the cormorant right off the bat yeah but I assumed he would die to the bomb I launched, when he didn’t I targeted him and killed him with torpedoes.

  • therealrh says:

    really…. how difficult is it to just decloak and target them the same second…

    You have some serious l2p issues.

  • TolSatha says:

    The video is not supposed to demonstrate his extreme pvp skills, but simply show that “defensless pve players in minning boats” dont belong in wh’s.
    WH space is without concord, without help, without rules or laws. Its where every man fights for himself to survive. The two miners knew this, and they still went in. Not to mention they only had to spam d-scan while minning and they would see the probes. They were lazy, unprepared and somewhere where they dont belong, so what else would you expect?

  • HonestBloke says:

    lol what a loser vid is this.
    A sb ganking defencless pve players in mining boats.

  • Nimoot says:

    And if you hold down Alt… and drag them in a direction you change the whole size of the probe formation instead of manually dragging them :D

  • Loki19810310 says:

    Came for dead miners, left happy :)

  • MrAmbrosse says:

    I’m a noob when it comes to Eve but you took over five minutes to scan these guys down. In that time surely they should of seen the probes on their scanner and got the hell out of there.

  • GraciovProductions says:

    What ship is that? Maelstorm?

  • Chickenmonstrero says:

    I wish everyone was like this guy, then I’d be more confident sneaking into unknown whs… instead of having 2 chimera waiting around for their prober to spot you in under 20 seconds, and kill you in 50…

  • PlasmafireGC says:

    Fail combat scanner pilot (for multiple things) + fail hulk pilot (for not using d-scan) = killmail :b

  • TakronRust says:

    A newer feature that was released in Crucible for probes. If you hold alt you can slide all the probes in or out together.

  • i45on says:

    That looked like fun.

  • knurlykneed says:

    I’m trying to fruck up the business of can flipping, therefore, you mine the good stuff for yourself and jettison only regular cans with junk in them, such as 1 unit of Veldspar in each can. As payback, you want rat flippers to open them to discover their shit. If enough people do this, can flippers can bet on flipping junk cans at some point. Fail-proof solution is never jettison to feed the rats, but profits take more time.

  • MrMrsteve01 says:

    those covert stealth bombers are good but if someone is fighting back forget it

  • CrazyForCooCooPuffs says:

    well d scanning and finding a pos with like 20 guns, 5 tengus, a carrier, and a few bs’s should be warning enough

  • UberShadow666 says:

    Nobody warns people.

  • Salt231 says:

    you cannot hot drop with stealth bombers

  • chunli73 says:

    I can teach you… if you’d like ^^

  • Eatyourtoenails says:

    Man this could totally have been me x) I did this the second week in EVE. Found a wormhole with a buddy, and Oh plenty of sweet minerals. Then after a couple of minutes someone showed up and killed us in one volley each, tho it was with one of the ships with the thorax model. But I was honestly curious you were about to kill me in the beginning of the vid :P

  • MrSystematica says:


  • Jasminewynja says:

    Ohh…. i got that frustrated…mostly because he’s so much better than i am when it comes to scanning. I guess i should make a vid when i try that and then post it to you :P

  • msgerbs1 says:

    Obviously not AFK, the one pod warped out.

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