EVE Online: Dominion – New UI Preview!

A run down of the new Mails system, Web Browser, Fleet Finder, and other UI changes coming to you in the next FREE expansion to the best game on earth.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • LyndoniSeiler says:

    Go to media outlet online . c o m for this song.

  • lightbriareos says:

    and you didn’t know that a year and a half ago before you posted this comment? heh

  • Goalatio says:

    What ship is that? It almost looks like a faction geddon?
    Or a hyperion? Am I wrong? :P

  • ErgonomicChair says:

    Maybe they are Officer?

  • Alexx0711 says:

    Indeed , blizzard is gettin hillarious with its prizes -.-
    Eve is the most fair mmo in that segment

  • smopoo says:


  • prestb says:

    The browser is from Chrome??? NO FU**ING WONDER IT SUCKS…. It does the exact thing the real chrome does, Can’t connect to a site on first try… It’s worst in-game though D:

  • MetalliacFeather says:

    is that tech 1 guns on the proteus if so “REMOVE IT NOW”, if not … sorry for yelling at u. :)

  • rrrandommman says:

    just wish ccp would make corp/alliance/persona ingame mail go STRAIGHT to those boxes automaticly, sorta, kinda, you know,… LIKE IT USED TO BE

  • SageNTitled says:

    You reversed “left” and “right” when you explained tabs…

  • Kaninerness says:

    If anyone want a 21 day trail (7 days longer than standard trail) send me a PM, got some left.

  • COMMANO38 says:

    He wont stop talking about the stupid Mail system! Who cares if you get to label the freakin buttons? My internet is slow and I hate wasting my time watching people talk about mail and crap like that…

  • Agett says:

    Definitely complicated, but very brilliant once you understand how the system works. Instead of things like juking as the primary system of avoiding damage, you can reduce your ships radius signature, transverse faster (relatively) to another ship so that their turrets can’t track fast enough to hit you, prevent them from targeting you, or even fiddle with their optimal ranges and sit in a superior falloff and peg them down.

    You can also double click to manually move in a direction.

  • Deathilger says:

    Chance-to-hit is determined by the formula: C = 0.5^((R-O)/F)^2 where C = chance to hit, R = target range, O = optimal for weapon, F = falloff increment.Prove that it is not complicated my friend :)

  • OrglockProductions says:

    And mecher3k, “Then don’t be surprised when YOU called a retard then,” then saying some retard could type better then him, look who’s talking. Why don’t you just lay the hell off him.

  • OrglockProductions says:

    And also, I just tried EVE, quite complicated ship controls to say the least. I had no idea how to move the ship myself for a while…

  • OrglockProductions says:

    The whole team of OrglockProductions says Shut up.

  • Holycrudaflyingcow12 says:

    Sssh, don’t screw up the funny arguement.

  • OrglockProductions says:

    Oh for Christ’s Sake! Shut up all of you! gamerx is right, we should be talking about the subject instead of going completely off topic. I haven’t played EVE yet, and I sure as hell also think it’s complicated. Only people who have been playing for quite a while or took the time and wasted a whole day reading the whole EVE website. This is a message from one of the members of OrglockProductions.

  • gamerx112 says:

    see your still trying to get something out of me, i thought we were talking about the eve situation, but no now you want to talk about bungie and blizzard shit, BTW my english sucks i notice but i know how to fucking spell fanboy jackass, and im tired of your shit im just gonna block

  • mecher3k says:

    Pissed that you’re right? Um, no.

    You are just Bungie and Blizzard fanboi who is a retard. If EvE is complicated, that life is too much for you to handle.

    And wow, are you really 23? You must of been dropped on your head to type worst then a retard would.

  • gamerx112 says:

    your to fucking funny, reason is your still focused on my english. so basically the irony is on you, your constantly trying to get something out of me, when your the one getting pissed knowing im right

  • mecher3k says:

    No I did not drive the conversation anywhere.

    You just a WoW and Halo playing retard. EvE is not complicated, if you think EvE is complicated, then life itself is too hard for you understand.

    Also, learn something called the English language already idiot.

  • gamerx112 says:

    i love it how you completely drove this conversation away to something this ridiculous, like holy shit. how many times have you been called a douche?

  • mecher3k says:

    “look i dont give a shit on how my english is o”

    Then don’t be surprised when you called a retard then, actually no. A retard could type better then you.

    And EvE is not complicated, you are just too retarded to understand it. As your horrible English shows.

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