EVE Online Dev Blog – Team BFF: Tackling the Little Things

CCP’s Soundwave, Tallest and Greyscale are part of Team Best Friends Forever (Team BFF), a dev team dedicated to actively targeting the ‘little things’ – tasks that need to be addressed but invariably end up on the backburner in large-scale or long-term projects. In this video, they share how ‘Little Things’ came about and what their plans are for this release.

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12 Responses to “EVE Online Dev Blog – Team BFF: Tackling the Little Things”

  • TheLifePerfect says:

    fuck. off. nigger.

  • ErntUdet says:

    you should grow a shut the fuck up and die soon.

  • surfpub2001 says:

    Thank you guys (bff) for the awesome addition to the agent finder …. pretty huge if you ask me and it will definitely help veterans and especially the new players.

  • TheLifePerfect says:

    I’m effectively at least a demi-god, and despite these crying bitches, I approve this plan CCP. Also, if I may… BFF, you should all grow massive beards and braid them in intricate manners.

  • WNxWolfinator says:

    I hope greyscale never gets to procreate.

  • ArmEagle says:

    @TheWoolleyMammoth Oh of course, none of that shouldn’t be a forced change. It would totally mess up things for the current players. And yes I am still new to EVE. But I keep messing up because I use other (map) tools so often that are reverse. It should be a small change, perfect for this team (and if it isn’t a small change, then CCP should do some code cleanup :)

  • TheWoolleyMammoth says:

    @ArmEagle The current scroll wheel zoom feels so natural to me now though. Keep it.

  • ArmEagle says:

    Here’s to hoping the list includes optional: (1) reverse scroll wheel zoom (2) scroll events follow cursor, not focused window (3) global hotkeys, ignoring focused window where applicable (sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn’t).

  • surfsk8snowpirate says:

    Anyone remember Cinori Aluben who ran for but didn’t win CSM5? This was his exact campaign premise – “Fix the Little Things First.” Seems like CCP finally got the picture 1 year later, and btw totally bit his tagline.
    Glad to see it being done, sad to see it took so long.
    Regards, Cinori

  • ConfusionIsSex says:

    How about tackling hybrid turrets? Or is this issue not little enough?

  • Quizzicality says:

    It just took you 1 minute and 56 seconds to say that Team BFF works on all the little things that annoy people in eve. That’s exactly what each of you said.

  • 1Nekit1 says:

    There it goes!

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