Eve Online (Crucible) : PvP Rupture Low Sec Fleet Run (No Commentary)

Thanks for watching, this is a small PVP video with my alliance Have fun Rate comment subscribe Here’s a useful link for fitting your ships for PvP failheap-challenge.com Here’s the Ruptures fit that i used in this video: Highs 4x 425mm Carbide Repeating Autocannons (fit t2 if you can) 5W Infectious Power System Malfunction Medium ‘Gremlin’ Power disruptor Mids Warp disrupter II Y-S8 Overcharged Hydrocarbon MWD Large Shield Extender II Lows 2x Gyrostabalizer II 2x Tracking enhancers II Damage control II Rigs Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer 2x Medium Auxilary Thrusters

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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