EvE-Online Colony building, optimization and shortcut tutorial

This is a video showing : how to find the best spot the build your colony. how to easily establish links and rout material. how to save power grid and CPU on design. how to optimize your production efficiency. how to cut costs from import and export taxing. how to buffer material to help extractors run longer. how to create a P3 and P4 production planet.

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  • feanor921 says:

    lol halo wars music in the background…

  • davelantor says:

    This is an outdated version of PI system (pre-incursion)… please ignore :P
    I will make a new one after 3rd of June …
    Till that time … check this out watch?v=XKnObxB9XCs

  • bsull10 says:

    y so many extractors?

  • TheMohawk36 says:

    lol halo, was that halo wars?

  • lantern26 says:

    if u listen closely, theres a bit of halo music in there. the game looks good.

  • starshipadmiral says:

    nice halo wars music

  • davelantor says:

    I partially agree, my setups … all 29 colonies spread around the characters i have, 5 of my colonies are in high sec. and all rest is in low sec.
    But highsec. is mostly best dedicated to making the P3 or/and P4 productions because of the lack of output.
    And to be honest i had stopped PI a long time ago. because was talking me atleast half an hour to pass all my extractors o.O.. which are around 580 extractors.
    With expansion on 18th, i will return to PI, loved the new system in SiSi.

  • kokoslav says:

    it only make sense in 0.0 where u can get a few millions a day from few planets.. and there will be patch which will make it even easier and more profitable

  • davelantor says:

    ok here goes ….
    Yes POS fuel can be made on planets, just not the part that is made from ice mining. (just the enriched uranium, mechanical parts etc.)
    Some planets that are in High-Sec is .. lets say under different management, not open to player harvesting. It is to prevent overflow towards planets in busy systems … (ex. Jita, Motsu, etc.)
    Also if you want a good gain in your extractions, i would recommend going low sec. or 0.0 .. riskier the better.. and riskier. :)

  • smashmeta18 says:

    also, every time i’ve tried to view a planet in planet view mode(about nine times), it sez: “that planet is not available for the general public.” WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!!

  • smashmeta18 says:

    also, every time i’ve tried to view a planet in planet view mode, it sez: “that planet is not available for the general public.” WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!!

  • smashmeta18 says:

    can you get POS fuel from a colony?

  • crimmy0204 says:

    buffering ur basic refined minerals with a warehouse/command center can take alout of the math work out of having no over flow in minerals very impoartant ive been messing arround for the past few days. it is possable to do it fairly accuratly with out buffering but it really is a step in the right direction.

  • crimmy0204 says:

    he can explain everything for you but it will still take a few trial and error bases tilly ou really start maxing out ur bases.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    that’s why its best to test it out on sisi, i think i spent over 100 mil there, of course test server isk amounts to nothing anyway… so that’s why its good to do it there.

  • goteamlis says:

    Thanks for the advice

  • Schwarzpferd says:

    So you put the extractors in the white? I think I have just been putting mine in the wrong places…reading that scan is what messed me up. I spent over 2.5 million with trial and error…..Thanks for this video.

  • whitesonar says:

    Thanks for this. You helped me improve my routing.

  • Ganestran says:

    nicely done. better than most of the PI tutorials

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