EVE online Coercer

Coercer(Destroyer)..on 14 trial account:) Just shoting one poor rat,bounty is 15000isk

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  • Gariel2007 says:

    like 6 hours

  • Radac2008 says:

    do mining carrer, then buy rifter and do military career(all minmatar), have some friends in your corporation and you got it. took me 6 days.

  • amayami says:

    wow….how long has it been since ive seen  trails coming off the engines, heh heh

  • Drheal23 says:

    i ment cruiser and battle cruiser whats your in game mines zongor bleck

  • MetalliacFeather says:

    but if u want lot’s of fittings and lot’s of armor and cpu plus power grid get a battlecruiser like the harbinger and cruiser’s are considered cheap ship’s

  • Drheal23 says:

    If your looking for some crapy ship with a lot of guns get destroyer,but if you want a more expensive ship with better armor more power to put eqipment on,but about 2 less weapons get cruiser

  • KodeEgret says:

    How many days would it take to earn this ship, I am going to join Eve and I would like some advice on the easiest way to earn it without cutting corners to the ships overall ability’s.

  • XiaoNoodles says:

    for gallente, getting one of these ships instead of the catalyst will surprise people. but coercers set up with 4 long range lasers and 4 short range hybrid blasters will surprise anyone.

  • Teinyhr says:

    Amarr ships are by rule of thumb armortanked. I don’t recall Coercer being any exception..

    I wonder though.. Why do lasers sound like modern day machine guns? :P

  • milklikekill says:

    instead of a after burner, get a shield booster or extender

  • Wangevilraver says:

    I have a coercer and I hate it. I ended up getting a Maller and converted my coercer into a huge salvager.

  • GiveMeAllYourPie says:

    Rapid Fire Lasers are the equivilant to a space knife. Gotta get close.

  • slavar says:

    Thanks mate.

    Thumb up;)

  • FarosWarrior says:

    i can gank those in an executioner…
    but anyway nice kill, up close and personal

  • amayami says:

    thaaaats right, get three nuts deep with them radio crystals, they’re more effective up close and all….heh heh

  • toasted4life says:

    Google “EVE Online 14 day trial”.

    On a side note: PEW PEW BIATCHES.

  • snapie12 says:

    how do you do a 14 day trial?

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