EvE online – cloaking device

EvE Online , cloaking device.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

4kills = 1.2 billion ISK damage. Cruisers vs Megathron Navy Issue, Rohk, Abaddon, Myrmidon PVP. EVE online [EYL]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • natranr says:

    Im about to mod the sound effects and use the cloaking sounds from Descent.

  • Disturbed246810 says:


  • deadlyhydra says:

    Hello yeah that looks amazing

  • gapingtarantula says:

    when you are cloaked, are you still in the overview?

  • 439sparky1 says:

    @Jimbo2006GR and you can warp with covert ops cloaking

  • jakeurevig says:

    @Jimbo2006GR also there is a little trick where if you activate a speed module and then immediatly activate the cloak, the speed mod will still finish its cycle and you will get the bonus from it. just till the end of the cycle but still it is better than moving at 35m/s.

  • kkdoomsday22 says:

    The reason ur so slow is because ur using the ships powers to activate it and some of that power for cloaking is taken away from the engines, just think about it, that’s my theory

  • phpngpl says:

    @Reservist EVE has sound? :P

  • friska009 says:

    is that a predator ship ?

  • alpha9190 says:

    so can i fit a cloaking device to like any ship i want???

  • Radac2008 says:

    does it have a time limit or does it just make you slow?

  • Crucrecs says:

    Cloaking devices are expensive but are somewhat of good use. Say if i wanted to transport things in an Orca through low security space but i did not know if i would get through safely? Fit and Activate a cloaking device and the NPC pirates or Rogue players will not even think you are there.

  • nero91 says:

    It does as of apocrypha and you not having cruise missiles anymore :(

  • eduardvictor says:

    It just got old…

    You can no longer do it because stealth bombers are now made to kill battleships XD

  • Reservist says:

    I miss the old sounds

  • ThunderWindz says:

    many skills? you can train for them in like 10 days

  • thierryvt says:

    true. but some one with fast reaction time could approach the ship before it hits cloak and let it’s ship continue in the direction it was flying.

  • durge666 says:

    Yea, that’s one of the many jobs of the intys that hang out close to the gate in gate camps. They occasionally force ships to uncloak, but it’s kind of just pure luck since they don’t know where the person will come through the gate.

  • thierryvt says:

    lol you’re invisible to scanners of any kind. you don’t pop up on overview but you do show up on local.
    but if anything comes withing 2000 meters of you your cloak will auto deactivate.

  • 7FluxProductions says:

    No matter how much i love this things (even though they are hella expensive..and too many skills) their benefits don’t out weigh the letdowns, they make you slow as FUCK

  • supergeek0177 says:

    Transport ships can now be fitted with covert ops cloaks

  • sclavett says:

    Hi everyone… Just got a prototype I cloak off a mission – nice! :-) … If we ignore the drawbacks(no velocity/ no scanners), how “cloaked” are we with these goodies? If a cloaked Merchant goes thru Low-Security space will he be picked apart by the vultures? Has anyone tried it?

  • HellfireSarge says:

    sit 80km back in my manticore, uncloak, volley, cloak and watch an electronic attack frig/bomber/ frig go pop and the rest of the gang soil themselves, never gets old

  • Jimbo2006GR says:

    I definitely agree.
    I like this much more than the premium graphics’ one.

  • RAAGHUAAH says:

    I think this classic cloaking looks better that premium.

  • malango255 says:

    lol didn’t realise i was watching CEVL! just randomed this video, I need to join you guys sometime like i was gonna.

  • XxA1B3AN0X says:

    maybe if you used medium blasters you would get it done a lot faster

  • darklenon1 says:

    Nice fucking job guys!

  • SomeKidInAmerica says:

    @StreamStationAlpha Would be cool. I think a mix of the more RTS style that Eve has, and the more immersive combat that BP has would be cool. They both have somethign that the other doesn’t, in my opinion.

  • StreamStationAlpha says:

    @HattingmaD no problem disagreement isn’t bad after all.

    I just think that the game while it can work on its ship combat, is kept up through the multpile fronts and play styles. It isn’t just ship a vs b, but also corp a vs b in map are d that has faction e in control, with an economy moving in accordance to everything, from multiple players. miners, missioners, traders etc. no game has such range.

    IF CCP did rework parts of combat I’m sure the rest of the game would shine even more.

  • HattingmaD says:

    @StreamStationAlpha I do thank you for not being an asshole like the majority of Youtube.

  • HattingmaD says:

    @StreamStationAlpha I don’t believe it’s biased if I’ve played this game more than once. But I think, if you are playing a video game that is offering all ‘this and that’, makes you pay $15 a month (or none at all, if you play it enough), and offers ‘exhilarating combat’ among other grand reaches from reality, I will not hide some of the things this game lacks, but claims to have. If we are comparing to board games, you have to note the huge differences and potentials the two have.

  • StreamStationAlpha says:

    @HattingmaD I wont deny that some of the animations etc could be updated etc but to say that the game is boring is highly based on opinion. You said “no sane man would want to wander empty space”. Then why do people dream to be astronauts? Still, thats offtopic.

    The game plays more like a game of chess, or a game of cards. it requires knowledge strategy and luck/bluffing. These games aren’t action packed but still have entertained many and can be very risky (poker)

  • Corinth12821 says:

    Friendly Scorp on the last kill = not all crusers.

  • Rawr5649 says:

    how long have you guys been playing? Ive been into eve a month now and Im legitimately addicted. Hopefully I can keep it up and find away for some pvp like this. Great video

  • hiddenasskiker says:

    go to Anka system there’s a megathron to and give him a lesson loads of profit on him aswell he freakin killed me twice now and i had a total of 77 mil worth of stuff

  • HattingmaD says:

    @martinni555 That goes both ways, but Battlefield actually has strategy, if you really want to bring that up. Anyways, a game needs a good balance in MMORPGs, and Eve just has one side: Strategy. I never felt any love for the combat, and it hasn’t been improved over the years, really. If it had actual in depth and enthralling combat and much cooler animations (that last part doesn’t matter to ME that much), this game would be much more popular and have more than just a few thousand subscriptions

  • martinni555 says:

    @HattingmaD It’s just if you want slaughters and mindless batlles only to play the same kind of batlle afterwards then you should play like call of duty or batllefield but if you want less slaugtering but way more strategy and meaning you should play EVE.

  • ITIMEEE says:

    Eve is beast

  • HattingmaD says:

    @hoax4254 Yeah, I know there is strategy involved. I played Eve. I just can’t stand the lack of actual combat. It doesn’t really involve very much once you start attacking, in my opinion.

  • hoax4254 says:

    @HattingmaD The problem is that videos don’t really do EVE justice. You don’t get to see the thinking and coordination behind moving a fleet, or the various finer points of PVP.

    How is your enemy’s ship generally fit? How does your enemy have his ship fit? How should you modify your tactics to accommodate that? Can you tell me offhand the difference between transversal, angular, and radial velocity? There is much more going on in PVP past the surface.

  • ouelletteb19 says:

    As soon as I heard your voice spoon I looked to the screen to see if it was you and it was. Nice to see you mate.

  • HattingmaD says:

    @Sustain999 Well, if you enjoy it, I respect that. But one thing I don’t see is how you (and other people who play Eve) can call the combat exciting, or even the visual effects even good.

  • Sustain999 says:

    @HattingmaD When you can afford to lose your ship its not so bad, though still annoying having to piece your ship together from scratch, though it teachers you to be careful in the future and learn whats a good move and whats not. Also i dont know which corp/alliance you were in but being in a large one helps a lot, small corps dont really get a whole lot done. I however am in the “Quiet.Storm” corp which is a member of Wildly Inappropriate….we are constantly at war and doing fun stuff/pvp.

  • HattingmaD says:

    @Sustain999 It overall just finishes off as annoying. Do you enjoy losing your ship? No. And if you don’t have much money at some point, your kind of screwed in a sense. The death penalty isn’t much of a novelty. And bringing this up once again: The combat is atrocious. It’s boring, so boring. I couldn’t stand it at all, even though i have tried Eve various times. The only thing Eve is good for is trade, and there is nothing you can say that will contradict that.

  • HattingmaD says:

    @Sustain999 Haha I understand some of your points, but the Ford/Lamborghini argument is invalid. Not only do Lamborghinis cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, they keep on going up on price. Now, I’ve played Eve, and as much as I would like to say I appreciate it for the ‘universe blah blah’, it’s not that great. Who really wants to travel through a void of nothingness for an excessive amount of time? No sane person. Now, as much as the death penalty might teach you different strategies, etc.

  • Sustain999 says:

    @HattingmaD Just because WoW has more players does not mean its a better game, just more easymode and casual centralized…..ofcourse more ppl are gunna play WoW, they dont punish stupidity. In EVE if you do something stupid you lose your ship and virtually everything on it…..in WoW if you do something stupid you take a 30 second run back from the graveyard and then……nothing? u keep all ur gear, whats to teach u not to die again? More ppl drive Fords then Lamborghini ‘s, so fords better?

  • HattingmaD says:

    @Sustain999 How is it better? And no, I have better games to play than WoW. It was just an example. Oh, I understood it alright, there’s just no action to speak of. As much as I like strategy, there needs to be some other stuff to blend in it to make it worth playing. And going back to the ‘Eve is 100 times better’ point: If it was, wouldn’t it be the game with 12 million plus subscribers.

  • Sustain999 says:

    @HattingmaD EVE is 100 times better then gay kiddy WoW, the only people who hate playing EVE are the ones who tried it and was too dumb to learn how to play, its one of the most difficult game to get into….so you gotta have some brains…..so no wonder u would rather WoW!

  • soiledlocket says:

    Pretty fail gang :o

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