Eve Online-Class 4 Sleeper Site

Class 4 Sleeper Site, including Chipmunky voices due to the increased clip speed :P This wormhole had a Black Hole anomaly in it so it reduces missile speed and drone range, so the Drake was a bad choice on my part.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

7 Responses to “Eve Online-Class 4 Sleeper Site”

  • hobojoe694 says:

    cant wait till we get some class 5 shit goin o/ good money… also if you wont tape our pvp i will and you can edit it to your pleasure…

  • TheTeenrocker says:

    lol drake.

  • OriMedian says:

    Nevermind, didn’t watch fully :P 

  • OriMedian says:

    Drones in Local Space ( 0 ); ’cause why the hell would you need drones to fix your shiny ship up?! :P

  • dzodzer says:

    That is how A drake should be fitted IMO. It’s suppose to be tank, not gank. If you fit it to produce dps, it’s nearly as usless as a Ferox.

  • richard05105 says:

    It doesn’t do too much dps but it does enough to solo Level 4′s and Class 2 sites.

  • JonnyPew says:

    What’s the dps on that Drake fit? Can’t be much with all those shield power relays. But you must have a hell of a tank.

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