EVE Online – Capital Ship Fleet (HD)

The end is nice =] Laying siege to a POS & a Titan

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  • BotCodes says:

    @theknack101 If the game seems interesting to you after paying 1 month of it and you find a good group of people to be around then it would definately be fun. I payed for 1 month of it and found a bunch of players who took the game too seriously. If I were to give the game a little longer I may have found a better crowd and would probably still be playing. Just if the community is nice and you enjoy the game its worth paying. I know your comment is 7 months old. This is to all with that Question

  • nightslayer78 says:

    @farminflyin don’t ever let one person or a group of people have control over your money and/or ships especially your account. there is never any reason for it. just be smart try to put everything into contracts.

    your post was 2 years ago but this post goes for all just starting eve.

  • walmartian says:

    if you’ve ever liked an RTS game you will probably like EVE. its not a game tho where you grind up to get “the best” ship, because there is no “best” ship, there is no “end game fit”.. you fly whatever your finances allow you to mass produce- you dont spend all on just one ship or you’ll cry when its destroyed, and even tho u might win a battle u dont always win the war- a war is won by wiping out the enemy financially, it takes more than just one fight to “win”

  • JrAirmen says:

    @bamafan954 YES!!!

  • rada660 says:

    @DaxSnake PLUS ya dont need to pay real money al lthe time! ya can pay ingame with your hard earned isk! :) now the game become free for you… somewhat… if yo ucan do like 400 million in time :D

  • videogamerforcod5 says:

    Also, is that an online player’s capital ship? If so, I WISH MINE WORKED! I CANT WAIT UNTIL I GET MY OWN FLEET!

  • videogamerforcod5 says:

    I probably wouldn’t get this if I were you. Mine says “Incompatible (release)” whenever I try to log into the game. How do you fix that? And no, its not my comp, because I tried it on 2 computers and said the same thing.

  • SmartBomb7 says:

    Its worth it I played for 2 years

  • Al3xLJ says:

    explosion killed you or did he pull out a DD last minute?

  • Qbite says:

    I just dont check how to play this game lol

  • Alexc3217 says:

    Epic LAAAAAAG!

    Heh, to be expected I guess

  • Alexc3217 says:

    @Vivimord Do you find nails phallic? And mushrooms? Joysticks? Pens?

    If all you see is phallic… then I have some news for you.

  • xterrorizinboys88 says:

    @bamafan954 honestly the game is the most in depth mmo ever. Thats a valid statement seeing as the mmo games have only been around what maybe 10 years now? in large part.

    I was a person that though mmos were cool, but never worth paying for, but i got the trail and i was dead wrong.
    If you are a lover of complexity, depth, strategy, sci fi. This is the game for you.

    Fair warning though. The first week the game will engulf you. You will feel confused and lost, but it passes soon :)

  • light24bulbs says:

    @bamafan954 so true. It can be an incredibly social and complex game. Jumping around a patchy network of home made gates in nullsec and worrying about whos going to shoot at you next can be very suspenseful.

  • DaxSnake says:

    @theknack101 Depends on if you join a corp who cater to how you want to play. If you join a military dictatorship type corp that demand things from you and are always serious, the game can be very uninteresting. I was part of a corp/alliance of serious players but were all clowns in their own right always cracking jokes and keeping things fun, that right there is worth the 14$.

  • theknack101 says:

    would you say its worth 14 bucks a month?

  • monkeypop1993 says:

    omg that titan pwned

  • 97ginoVDB says:

    @RaZZoR1998 14.95 Euros, Other currencys vary

  • RaZZoR1998 says:

    @DaxSnake 15$

  • TeancumElite says:

    *Brings his Death Star to the battle*

    HI GUYZ!

  • SuperHaloStarwarsFan says:

    Titans are good on paper. Usually fleets with much smaller ships can easily overwhelm them.

    Titans, i think, are only good if they have a supporting fleet.

  • InternetzSpaceshipz says:

    u guys killed ccp tanis?? i would expect him to just hack and blow u all up…

  • CaptainAyos says:

    What ship was that at the end.Its long.It was like next to the Titan

  • DrDooger says:

    @bamafan954 you can actually pay for game time with ingame money its called the plex system =D

  • weeknieunknowing says:

    @DaxSnake Not even that if you pay a little more in advance… (as in 3 months at a time or something in that general direction)

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