Eve Online – Caldari Militia raid Gallante High sec

Caldari Militia raid Gallante High sec, Eve Online. FC -GavinGoodrich, Andraz

Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • Lordmark1234 says:

    hah touche my friend, touche!

    I actually made this several years ago.

    But it is worth pointing out, I don’t create videos or much creative content. My skills are based in marketing a product. This video was merely a recording of a game put together for some viewers.

    It was not intended to be viral!

    But GOod comment it made me smile! :)

  • PublicExcessShow says:

    Doesn’t have the necessary features to be vital.
    Firstly it isn’t that cute, funny…. Or REMOTELY interesting.
    Problem is its too gay – there was an interesting part but it was when the screen was black so most viewers will miss it completely.
    Need to make it a little more innovative… Like I dunno try making a video not just uploading a game or show or whatever that crap was. Try actually writing, producing, shooting and editing a real piece you can be proud of then you can take a seat in t

  • DarkHorseI says:

    What the name of the caldari fleet corp. Or is it the state protectorate militia?

  • ITIMEEE says:

    Good show

  • jediknight269 says:

    What a horrible fit lol

  • BasherCoon says:

    Fleet warps are so fun… TUNNEL RAVE!

  • HerbstPacania says:

    hahahah me too lets get these guys

  • animalofDOOM10 says:

    cool. But im a gallente.

  • liberty211662 says:

    Lol random guy i ehav ben weeebed

  • Syphered08 says:

    a) Gallente don’t suck
    b) neither do the Caldari
    c) If people didnt drop 10+ capital ships everytime they are loosing there is few who could stand up to either of the militias

  • firmybeskidy says:

    Of course its caldari. Gallente are few and they suck. Caldari blob kills lonely target, puts video on youtube and words ‘epic’ are used ;) )))
    Maybe for some ppl killing few ships with advantage 30 vs 1 is fun. It would be FUN if you had real fight 30 vs 30 or maybe 30 vs 50 etc. But this? Sad ppl who call this epic or are excited about blobing.

  • Syphered08 says:

    Gallente do not suck mate, most of us dont even live in high sec, you obviously know nothing. AND FYI this was a Caldari fleet

  • firmybeskidy says:

    What a crapy video. You fly with 30+ ppl and youre killing lonely targets. How ppl can comment this as awesome or epic? Wheres skill here? And someone calls this ‘raid’ (go back to wow kid) succesfull because you killed ‘few’ ships??? Gallente sucks in Factional Warfare now and this vid shows why.

  • zippo718 says:

    Its Gallente ;p

  • gavingoodrich says:

    Seeya at the next fight, I wager :D

  • rjvl says:

    Oh shoe, I got assinated there pretty hard indeed :p freakin anoying when your looking for the fc when out of the sudden he and the fleet land on top of you and rape you lol.

    Cheers, BacardiDesire

  • Tzest0s says:

    REVENGE !!!!!!!!!

  • SiliconMage says:

    Haha! Awesome. Love the Chariots of Fire music, too. Good job, Caldari!

  • gavingoodrich says:

    Damn, my cover is blown.

    This was the 5th of 7 straight raids (as of this monday) and probably our least successful. Mark please fraps more! And dont die, buddy :D

    Well done, btw. Music was a lil’ loud but very impressive :D

  • evilanimeguy says:

    IM THERE XD, The commander was so impressive GavinGoodrich, and this was the most fun I have ever had.

  • hipeanut says:

    This was an epic raid guys, so much fun.

  • Lordmark1234 says:

    Andraz is also a fleet commander, but was not on this op =(.

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