EvE-Online Buzzard

Scouting a system with my Buzzard. Nothing really happens, just messing around.

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  • zorecati says:

    @Kirov123 LOL… a whole week? Where did you find the time? You really need to give it a better chance than a week.

  • Quarolet says:

    If you’re looking for a corp, EVE University is always a good place for new players.

    They usually help people to break through that first layer pretty easily.

  • santo4600 says:

    Covert ops rules

  • skalapunk says:

    Definitely need to be involved socially for Eve to stay interesting.

  • BigTiam says:

    Are you saying the inner layers of an onion are amazing? I thought i read that’s where it burns your eyes the most:P EVE is an wicked game though, i’ve been playing it for almost a month and have so many goals for myself, but it is kinda lonely without a corp and friends:(

    Rheso Vifah

  • skalapunk says:

    Kirov eve admittedly has a problem, namely, turning away new players.

    it’s because when you’re new, you’re extremely limited in what options you have to do (ships, activities, modules)

    Its only when you can have the patience to mow through this first “layer” of the game and finally start getting into the “real game”, then its a freaking blast.

    Eve is like an onion, multiple layers. Most people only see the surface layer, and go “meh, this sucks”.

    The inner layers are amazing :) Try it out

  • Spasmomen says:

    Yes I totally understand.
    I myself didn’t play it full-time in these two years. I had some breaks from EvE, but I just keep coming back :-)

  • Kirov123 says:

    I was in a corp with some of my friends and we did some things together but it was just too slow imo. Some of the missions we’re ok but too repetative, starts to feel like a chore, y’know?

  • Spasmomen says:

    I’ve been playing it for two years now.
    It IS boring because there is nobody to lead you and tell you what to do.
    It’s only when you can survive the first few weeks and join a good corp that you can get to know the true beauty and depth of EvE.

  • Kirov123 says:

    Eve got boring after a while tbh. =

    Was alright tho, I played it for like a week or so.

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