I get tarped in a pocket system and attempt to charge straight through them

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EVE Fanfest 2011: Security. Hear what CCP has done to improve security over the past few months and our developing process to deal with the various issues that can impact people’s enjoyment of the game -such as bots, authentication and client security.

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  • RamblinRichard says:

    ah, well I was being a bit harsh :P

  • Nikzilla33 says:

    I kno. It was just the first time I ever willingly threw myself into it lol. Usially its you jump and say “oshit” then you do whatever.

  • RamblinRichard says:

    you really seem to love yourself for getting through that camp…

    I jumped into a 40 man gang on a regional gate in a shield vexor, made it back to gate with 9% structure, alot of people have done better…

  • Nikzilla33 says:

    @zippyo3 its called tubular bells. Got it from clear skies 2

  • zippyo3 says:

    Whats the song playing?

  • Nikzilla33 says:

    the dramiel followed me a couple of jumps btw. I he almoust caught me on teh gate after he got ahead of me.

  • thc024 says:

    looks like my rifter…i love this ship =]

  • JonnyPew says:

    Nice work getting out of that tarp. lol

  • Shredow2 says:

    I was just wondering if i can use my wow one for eve.

  • JavaBasher says:

    I just realized he had a keyboard cat T-Shirt :O

  • ProfilerX says:

    once more Selene D’Celest condones it!

  • ProfilerX says:


  • Bissa21 says:

    because they are pretty much the exact same thing. my dad has one for remotely logging into his work network.

  • freedomunrestricted says:

    that authenticator looks like the same one wow uses with a different sticker on the front

  • nefar73 says:

    Oh please..If every account was banned in this game that used some type of automation software you would lose over half your customer base. Anyone can easily see that after a patch that messes up the ‘bots’ half your customers are gone for a day or two. The mechanics of this game is what force people to bot.

  • Ryantron9000 says:

    if a corp has three bots, disband the corp and seize all corp assets! if an alliance has three corps that have to be disbanded due to bot activity, disband them!

  • sunriseger says:

    ccp’s lack of real interest in getting RMT-fuckers just destroys one of the biggest allies in this game atm.
    fuck phishing! stop the fucking bot-DRF. implement a logger for macros and sthg like punkbuster to find manipulated clients. youre doing nothing!

  • arcadia1701e says:

    All you need to do is spend a little time looking in the ice fields in empire, plenty of bots to ban there.

  • DARKWOLF1982BEBO says:

    not bad but the tall thin guy was so dreery i couldnt stand him longer than 7 mins then skipped him back to the guy from the start but at least he aint a dead dreery guy and can get your attention to get the info to you like is needed unlike dreery guy.
    dreery guy—drone drone drone drone zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    the first guy (english) gets your attention and keeps you awake and alerted to what he is saying.

  • Rennaaa says:

    No one is forcing them to mine. They macro mine because they want isk without spending time on the game, not becuase they like mining but it’s too boring.

  • Rennaaa says:

    Hopefully they will make mining profitable compared to other stuff with all the botminer bans.

  • Kenny1871 says:

    hm yes we could, we could all live in the 0.0 sectors and earn much money but there are lots of people who wants make money with mission running :P its the same… THIS is eve, the gameplay choice, u can do what u want :) and thats why the game is so awesome :)

  • Elthenar says:

    Not true, there is always the Drone Regions =)

  • typhado says:


  • liberalarestupid says:

    Here at CCP we want the ONLY RMT vendor to be us…. Oh and here is our crack security team to make sure that happens…

    HERP DERP don’t bot

    Sad silly stupid security team….

  • FunwithHD says:

    CCP should hire a better security guy!

  • paladi167 says:

    @DonPulpito – I thoroughly agree – cap ships were supposed to be alliance toys – and supercaps were supposed to be coalition toys – I’d like to see this happen again – instead of the cap blobs, we could have frigate and cruiser blobs, probably BS blobs too…

  • Elrianmk2 says:

    You know i work with some eastern europeans in the AV industry, and you know what they are bloody clever people, sweeping statements FTL! Its a good presentation though, hopefully they can fek the macro problem so i can make more iskies mining though. Also Mining is great when fleeted and drunk,or doing housework and looking after kids.

  • Ktulhy says:

    oO Darius?

  • sorin7486 says:

    You know they are serious about stopping cheaters when they hire someone from eastern europe to work on it :D

  • sniperontheroof123 says:

    We could build all the ships in the world from drone minerals (from some estimates 70% of all minerals) and reprocessed mission loot…

  • PrinceForte says:

    There’s only so much you can do without having a thesaurus on-hand. Shaddap.

  • nkukard says:

    trebor is a gaggle of faggots

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