EvE Online – Bumping AFK Miners

Yeaaaaa was to lazy to edit everything. but just sit tight and enjoy lulz Update 2/20/12 O wow i didnt think this video would get this many views :D thanks everybody!

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  • aizhol says:

    is it only me who tries to move camera with a mouse to get a better view and then remeber that it’s just a video)

  • Lichman12 says:

    And now-a-days people just suicide gank.


    Eve online Nerd tipping

  • Ease2k6 says:

    this is amazing, it is only funny because the look of the armageddon…lmfao

  • Heating56 says:

    I miss the old Strip Miner effect ;_; DAMN YOU CRUCIBLE WEAPON UPGRADES, DAMN YOU. I mean, they lookj cool for blasters, but they completely ruined the strip miner effect

  • jaspertjie says:

    I suppose I just wasted 13 minutes of my life, but FUCK it’s awesome.

  • rustedcrown91 says:

    the jaws music made it epic

  • FLAMEUGT says:

    This is hilarious, proves in EVE you can make your own fun anywhere. Also the miners should be happy that the worst that happened when AFK was being bumped instead of suicide ganked.

  • TheVeiTFight says:


  • KenOfReach says:

    I’ve not been playing for even a month yet – but this is ridiculously funny and inventive.

    Screw over-hyped pvp. This is fun.

  • MrEvilTed says:

    I laughed so hard a little bit of pee came out…. I miss highsec.

  • cookiesmightexist says:

    Free 21 day extended trial codes for EVE Online – Just send me your e-mail address (as a private message) and i’ll get your invitation e-mail sent ASAP =D – I’ll also help you getting started if you wish me to =)

  • usmcpound says:

    I highly doubt it. I’m sure I know a lot more considering I joined almost 10 years ago.

  • ErntUdet says:

    I am a US Marine. What do you know about the Marines son ? 

  • usmcpound says:

    Who gives a shit what other people do. I could call you a pussy for not joining the Marine Corps, but I’m not going to, because it’s not for everyone.

  • liidan15 says:

    i did

  • Zombiepwnage117 says:

    You really needed the Jaws theme when the geddon was closing in on the miner

  • ErntUdet says:

    pussy carebears is all you are… prey is all.

  • liidan15 says:

    troll is trolling, our corp is doing fine and ive been active for over year doing just fine. maybe its not null sec but everyone has their own opinion of fun

  • ErntUdet says:

    this is what eve online looks like if you cant pvp and are less than a month away from quitting the game. also i bet this guys corp is SOOOOOOOO much fun. not.

  • InjuringThunder says:

    ye but thats a faction ship… a different barrel of fish entirely

  • whiety11 says:

    No such thing as cap stable pvp amarr?…rofl…i beg ta differ :D …i have a 900DPS tank on a bhaalgorn perma repping and perma running the guns + T2 AB :D … indefinatly, twin webs + warp scram…i beg ta differ :D do aprox 800 DPS too :D

  • liidan15 says:

    ummm im sure it was fit with nanofiber stucture and overdrive injectors and a mwd. tbh i dont remember. he never really did tell us what was fitted on it but a mach bumps much better

  • captingjack says:

    whats the fit for the geddon ? planning on doing it to orca’s in ice belts :)

  • liidan15 says:

    IMO…yes, its totally worth it, specially in the long run. though if you can get into a good corp your starting days. you should be able to get the hang of it with their help

  • TheMastertaco1 says:

    ima guess who you guys are …. you guys are the pro space hunters?

  • Surgeification says:

    if anybody would like to join my corp in eve online please send me an email i will send you a free 21 day trail, take you onboard, learn you the ways of eve and guide you to greatness. i already have 6 new members this week

  • huntersbrotherhood says:

    , nope u can’t

  • huntersbrotherhood says:

    who are you, what you do and what system you are based in? My in game name is Kai Leduk

  • huntersbrotherhood says:

    yeap, you need jpartner to create cyno for you to jump that ship to other systems

  • ilikewarhammer says:

    Any chance that i could join your alliance?? I want to alot…

  • rufis8 says:

    oh ok thanks, so preety much .4 and below. and one more thing, they CANNOT use jump gates, correct? They have there own jump drives. So you preety much cant fly these out of the system without a partner/fleet?

  • evehobbs says:


  • evehobbs says:

    dreads and carriers are capital ships you can only take them into lowsec, and 0.0

  • rufis8 says:

    can u dock that in high sec??

  • LarkinYT says:

    beatyfull and expensive ship :D

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