Eve Online – Bombers what are they good for?

Little fun with bombers

EVE online Apocrypha, Character Creation – Gallente

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  • SubduedRadical says:

    There are three forms of energy transfer:
    Conduction (two things in “direct physical contact”, to put it simply), Convection (two things sharing a moving medium – e.g. liquid or gas that can circulate between them transfering energy through conduction as it moves back and forth), and Radiation.

    Radiation is direct emision of electromagnetic radiation or photons (the EM spectrum, low to high energy: Radio, IR, Visible, UV, X, Gamma.)

    A nuke in space can trasmit via radiation just fine.

  • thegreatestoffools says:

    The nuclear blast in space will still burn you good. Thermal energy, as you put it, needing “needs atoms to move” isn’t strictly correct, since the thermal radiation emitted by a nuclear blast would travel as photons in the visible and infrared spectrum, not to mention the gamma and x-ray emissions unleashed in a nuclear blast.

  • zulok1337 says:

    Nuclear weapons put of radiation energy aswell because of it’s fission, that does not require alot of atoms of matter in the surrounding space to spread it’s heat.

  • Shuttheheckup735 says:

    No, The sun uses stellar nucleosynthesis, nukes use synthetic nucleosynthesis. :P
    but actually thermal energy doesn’t travel that fast, and it needs atoms of matter to move, there just isn’t enough matter in space (unless near a planet’s atmosphere) to allow that heat to move fast enough.

  • zulok1337 says:

    nuclear weapons produce their energy in the same way suns do, if you were even a mile away from it the heat would burn you alive.

  • sgtwang says:

    whats the name of the song

  • Shaloth says:

    Damn i want in this roam :( invite to corp! @_@

  • Truex007 says:

    man I love wolfpacks, so much more fun and mobile than a group of hellcat abaddons or tanky drakes…

  • gothikia says:

    I prefer to carry around exotic dancers with me rather than tourists ;)

  • gtvapsamtik says:

    nie music

  • OriMedian says:

    Sobo + ASR is still pretty good on a dictor and it’s pretty cheap aswell.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    That’s actually not true. The nuclear blast isn’t caused by a shockwave, but rather by a massive rapid release of electromagnetic energy. The blast is so powerful that it creates a shockwave in atmosphere, but it’s equally effective in a vacuum.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    Well any ship can kill stuff. That doesn’t mean it’s a decent pvp ship. I could be wrong, but it seems to me the rokh is only good in pvp when accompanied by several others, and at that point all it is is a giant dps+tank, which most battleships are.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    In my limited experience, it’s a usefull sniper fit, and can be fun with blasters.

  • TheReaverOfDarkness says:

    Rokh is decent at PVP? How do you figure?

  • Alexc3217 says:

    No arguements there, but I still love it.

  • SilentMarineSniper says:

    Tengu is good at PvP but it’s main strength is PvE is hands down one of the best for PvE but for PvP would go with a loki or proteus….

  • SilentMarineSniper says:

    Caldari Widow pilot (only thing other then the bomber thats worth anything from caldari “scorpion DOSE NOT=WIDOW BTW’) with black ops 5 i can perma jam just about anything that decides to get ballsy and try me ^_^ Stealth Jammer FTW!

    07 fly reckless
    cus flying safe is just plain boring.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    Not to mention jamming.

    I do so love my jamming.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    Tengu Rokh Merlin and drake are pretty decent at pvp imo

  • eddieisfiction says:

    heh Im not into pve races.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    I’m caldari, afterburner and lots of missiles from my tengu.

  • eddieisfiction says:

    each ship has its own inertia ratings too… and you can improve or make them worse depending on how you upgrade your ship.

  • Alexc3217 says:

    Maybe, but the engines need to start up and get to full power first.

    Also there are the shps that travel at 1406 meters per second and stop surprisingly quickly.

  • EinmaligJetzt says:

    Falls es jemand nicht verstehen sollte (auch wenn die Stimme hochprofessionell ist), hier der Text:

    “The only true democracy of New Eden – the Gallente Federation is a powerful and prosperous multicultural dominion, that welcomes outsiders with open arms. Intolerant of closed societies, the Gallente are fierce defenders of personal, and social liberties.”

  • Fredfredbug4 says:

    How is the gallente less technologically advanced than amarr?

    Drones practically give our ships 5 extra high level slots.

    We manipulate raw matter through our blasters

    Our Erebus Titan doomsday is a giant beam of anti matter.

  • Drakkorification says:

    Type MYPRIZE instead of YOU in youtube and hit enter

  • Elround4 says:

    I would like to see a poor overworked Caldari employee say that.

    Freedom for all! United as one, the Federation shall prevail.

  • ImperaGaming says:

    I fucking love the introductions for each race. The voice-over is awesome.

  • darthkarr says:

    do a jove one already!

  • chiddy55 says:

    wens it out? it gonna be in the cinema or is it one of those independent films? looks good though, kinda like star trek

  • furryfox121 says:


  • AndromedaCorp says:

    Caldari State FTW

    -Caldari Pilot

  • Helge129 says:

    @V0oDu: Amarr sucks. Their guns use extreme ammount of cap, and their ships are slow as heck. (Tho, I do fly a Harby if I suicide gank a hulk)

  • cookiehead2 says:

    Gallente = French bleh!

  • TheBlackWolfDK says:

    Gallente will prevail!
    Peace will happen! by the hand of Federation Power

    -Gallente Pilot :D

  • ThatsBS1 says:

    Long Live the Federation!

    -Gallente Pilot

  • Madim83 says:

    The only race that stands for Freedom.. come on ppl, this tha bosses.. :D

  • MyMMC says:

    ammar sucks

  • V0oDu says:

    they sux ass go to amarr

  • DewdInTheNewd says:

    The Moros is badass but so is the Revelation. I want them both :D  currently at 50mil SP, trained up for all 4 races, even faildari :P

  • chad5543 says:

    wow i just love this group, thing im going to join them

  • MagusEldred says:

    Death to Democracy ! Long live Hypercapitalism !
    – A random Caldari Corporation manager.

  • PolArbezcukru says:

    cool music in gallente intro (peacefull)

  • lyncho6969 says:

    GO Gallente. even though im caldari by blood i support these , didnt know anything about the race i was picking at the time

  • Malardene says:

    Gallente . . I think I’ll join them!

  • Bokumaru says:

    WOOT!!!~ Gallente!!

  • Vexx560 says:

    the Moros is BADASS, i love how it looks (and the fact that its drones are Uber and can take down smaller ships)

  • user92056 says:

    only will take u a year to be able to fly one

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