EvE Online: Black legion. & Greenswarm: Abaddon power (killing NC)

Rage jumped us first time, lost their fc’s instantly. They were running around the system like headless chicken, randomly dying at our camp. RAGE then regrouped and brough 100+ people to kill our 15 ships. After some effort, Demon Hunters decided to jump in 2 supers (which they promptly lost to PL supercapital fleet) even though the trap was obvious. I bet they will think twice before dropping supers again :P gf, lol.

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  • jgmm26 says:

    One hell of a response lol

  • doonn1994 says:

    “armywolf2″ lol everybody goes after that moron all the time ^^ and he is the first to get podded as well..

  • lobiik says:

    these sure were worth these 2 supercarriers and other stuff you lost during these fights :p

    I heard different story, that armywolf actually said do not jump but they leeroyed anyway.

  • MrStabad says:

    We we’re happy to take the archon and several other tasty ships like the Bhaalgorn. Most of us that aren’t retarded realised that a carrier warping from gate to gate for an hour with PL supers in a lowsec staging system within jump range meant a trap.

    Armywolf being the retard he is gave DH supers the go ahead to jump through and try to get on a carrier kill that was already in low structure.

    If only all RAGE guests could be like cold-steel :>

  • doonn1994 says:

    how many kills you guys made in the 15 man fleet?

  • lobiik says:

    nope, we had 1 triage carrier.

  • Zerox495 says:

    dont underestimate the NC the only reason why you killed that much of ships from a 15 man fleet was because you got some carriers which can cause a lot of damage so next time be careful of you fight against =P

  • themidnightdaylight says:

    nice video. Helped me pass the down time… Love the last 1/3 + music at the end was epic!

  • kbirtch says:

    black legion blue to pl !?

    or did they shoot you afterward =p

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