EVE Online: Battleclinic’s Amarr Frigates Tutorial 2/2

This is Part 2 from an awesome Tutorial found on Battleclinic, about Amarr Tech 1 Frigates + some special hints and tips. First shown at Fanfest ’09 in Reykjavík and now out for all capsuleers. (sound quality is a bit crappy) ________________________________________ If you liked this video and want to keep informed about new stuff, then feel free to subscribe. ________________________________________ Stay tuned for more awesome stuff. check: eve.battleclinic.com …

Video Rating: 4 / 5

6 Responses to “EVE Online: Battleclinic’s Amarr Frigates Tutorial 2/2”

  • TheDriv3r95 says:

    @MrWooaa yes you can target individual enemies and use different guns on them

  • vett3l0l says:

    @MrWooaa noh

  • MrWooaa says:

    i am wondering, do all off your turrets allwas shoot at your target? in otherwords, are there any positions were your target could only be hit by 1 or two of your wepons?

  • viciokas1993 says:

    Whats funny is that these are for noobs, but in loadouts these guys are showing almost full t2 fits, i think it may be WAY too expensive and skill demanding to have that equipment for a newb, at least they put t1 names by the modules, but next time try to make everything accurate. I await tuts about other races and different ship classes!

  • ultrablue87 says:

    does battle clinic have any more tutorial vids? Major noob here. All I do is farm isk but im realizing im getting nowhere in terms of knowing how to fight. I have a drake that is ill equipped and a pilot(myself) that does not know how to use it

  • trentonx says:

    epic win, te camera work gets much better as the vidoe goes on : )

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