EVE Online: Battleclinic’s Amarr Frigates Tutorial 1/2

This is Part 1 from an awesome Tutorial found on Battleclinic, about Amarr Tech 1 Frigates + some special hints and tips. First shown at Fanfest ’09 in Reykjavík and now out for all capsuleers. (sound quality is a bit crappy) Part 2: www.youtube.com ________________________________________ If you liked this video and want to keep informed about new stuff, then feel free to subscribe. ________________________________________ Stay tuned for more awesome stuff. check: eve.battleclinic.com …

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hier ein kurzer Guide zum entdecken und erscannen von exploration sites.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

17 Responses to “EVE Online: Battleclinic’s Amarr Frigates Tutorial 1/2”

  • iDarkMadness says:


  • R4Akai says:

    qwn age intro?

  • 118SKILLER says:

    @KittyRokher lol ur comment made me crack up soo hard XD

  • Kaninerness says:

    og hvad er der galt med jeg får noget ud af at gøre det? O.o

  • KittyRokher says:

    Shitty camera work, and that damn head in the corner is fucking annoying.l

  • MrJohnny56789 says:

    could not watch all the way through. the asian mouth mover in the corner made me rage in annoyance at 5 seconds in.

    also she calls the noob ship the imperior, its not, its impairor. big difference in pronounciation. worse than misspelling a word in text. /facepawm

  • timmerDanmark says:


    lol yerh right and the fact that you get 30 days more play time if some of your 21 trail buy the game

  • Kaninerness says:

    If anyone want a 21 day trail (7 days longer than standard trail) send me a PM, got some left.

  • rogrymi says:

    @MrWooaa Your ship’s weapons (turrets) come in pairs. This means that one weapon will have full 360 degree coverage of your ship. This does not apply for missiles. Missiles are fired forward and track your target until they either run out of fuel, or strike your target.

  • MrWooaa says:

    i am wondering, do all off your turrets allwas shoot at your target? in otherwords, are there any positions were your target could only be hit by 1 or two of your wepons?

  • roshawn1111 says:

    lmfao uhh this is battleclinic so its not his video

  • trentonx says:

    1:45- 2:20 is a good example. Some words even start before she is done saying the last sentence.

    Now as a 4 year vet I can follow this, but I woprry new players are going to fall behind. Just add in half a sentence between each new sentence she is saying and take better opening shots of the frigates and your video will be professonal level.

    However, it’s fan made and it doesn’t have to be professional, because honestly you don’t see me trying to do any better : P So I comend you : )

  • trentonx says:

    for two, you need at least half a second between each new fact stated by the tutorial voice. She finishes one sentence and then faster than any human can she starts a new word.

    This is constant. The issue is that the spacing between the words in her sentences is slower than the spacing between sentences, this actually makes it painful to listen too.

    It would be like if I wrote this page and then the next sentence had no space between it.

  • trentonx says:

    tooooooo fast!

    let me start off by saying that we need more of these sorts of videos for eve. Hell over a year ago I think ccp was thinking about doing themselfs even, but we all know ccp :P

    However, if you care about giving your video a more professional feel there are few things that pop out.

    For one the camera, whoever was unsuccessfully spinning the camera in random directions needs to clam down and plan out the camera paths. Draw up some storyboards for timing.

  • BalthazzarCH says:

    klasse vid, beim ostdeutsch is mir Cola durch die Nase geschossen XD

  • Coolex3 says:

    klasse Muke, hört sich sooooo leicht Bayrisch o.

  • meisenmensch says:

    die Musik…. warum? ;)

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