EVE Online – Barren Planetary Interaction – P1 setup

A Planetary Interaction setup in EVE Online. I’m extracting micro organisms, and producing bacteria for export. Sadly, I’m producing too many micro organisms for processing…but I refuse to remove extractors!

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  • kurisu925 says:

    I posted my comment for the people who are watching this video that have not done PI before. I still find the majority of planes I look at in high sec the people who are using them do not seem to know this.

  • kurisu925 says:

    You need to place your stuff closer together where possible and cluster your extractors tightly around the most dense minneral deposite available for higher yields. links take up cpu and power grid and the longer they are the worse thier useage is. If your links are the minimum length you need them to be then it will allow you to have more extractors and other facilities. Also a smaller planet helps with this because you can not zoom in as close on larger ones thus can not build as tightly.

  • medicfrazier says:

    actually if you are extracting more it can benefit you, either sell the excess or if you are late to restart the extractors the processors wont stop

  • fsfx says:

    tested it yesterday, i love it!
    you can spend hours with just one planet

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