EVE Online Bare Player Owned Station

Just a short video of the first player owned station built by my corporation.

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4 Responses to “EVE Online Bare Player Owned Station”

  • kinghunter11 says:

    nice our corps about to have one of these only in 0.4 but theres no stations in the system so it can be used as a mining platform

  • Meldaran says:

    Unanchor everything, scoop all the stuff back in whatever ships you have available (with sufficient cargo space) and then flee back to station ;)

  • Meldaran says:

    *grin* I was just testing out the Youtube service at the time and uploaded the first video I had at hand ^^. This POS in U3K doesn’t exist anymore now… :)  Had to move it out in a hurry when we got ousted from the Great Wildlands :P

  • keybladezFTW says:

    Looks pretty good =P All you need now are some defences, a corporate hanger bay, and a moon harvesting array.

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