EvE Online: Bait & Ambush [COWER]

PS: This video is an upload for my Corperation in EvE online. It has nothing to do with the artwork located in my channel. If I get spare time I will upload some more content soon. I just have to go and download some new mods and get my HL:SS back up. Hope you guys enjoy it nevertheless. Baiting and ambushing is a fairly basic tactic in which one player risks a juicy looking ship for War Targets to attack, then after the engagement reinforcements arrive and destroy the enemies. A successful Ambush should result in minimal losses.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Just a quick upload of today’s brawl with WN. and friends. I was obviously in the wrong ship type since I can not use projectiles. Still went out knowing I was going to DIAF and get some KM’s. BR – www.a-kills.com Currently working on a true 1080P version not so speed up.

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