EVE Online – Backwards Tengu

Just a bug from the Incursion 1.3. It can be fixed by clearing cache, but it was rather entertaining to wander around like this. Enjoy!

Testing dual monitor support (client native) on Sisi test server. 21.09.2010 My setup: left: 23 inch 1980×1080 LG Flatron monitor right: 22 inch 1980×1080 LG Flatron Monitor/TV GeFrorce 9600 GT 1024 MB DDR3 (dual DVI) You can set up a custom point of view for your ship, moving it from one monitor to another, which means that when running a dual-monitor setup, the ship wont be split in between the screens. I’ve noticed a major drop in FPS when frapsing, but the windowed mode FPS rate is normal, for me it’s around 100 FPS.

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  • Mastakazam says:

    They need a break once in a while too, y’know?

  • Aktof says:

    Lol me too, I was like “oooh i’ll check out walking in stations… was truly suprised with the changes outside the station” :D

  • tigekala says:

    lol. The bug is back in Incarna. I was shocked when i logged in after being absent for 6 months to see my tengu flying thrusters in front.

  • Chibity says:

    Oh darn, there go the laws of physics again. D: Right out the window.

  • SlicerJen says:

    adjustable FOV is the key to having 180 or even 360 look advantage. Else the same image on one screen is just stretched over 2 screens. On a sidenote, we used to adjust fov on QuakeII so we could get a ghetto sniper scope effect with the rail gun. Ah, good ol times…

  • dzonikg says:

    Adjust resolution ..set on smaler monitor smaler resolution that fits size,experiment ..i have 24 inch and 19 inch monitor and i set them perfectly to fit size and it works on any game that can be run in window mode

  • TheJedimaster6788 says:

    would be nice if they supported you having 2 different size monitors. I have a 28 inch main and 19 inch on the left. I wish when I dragged the window over it would auto adjust to the size of my 19 not keep the game the size of my 28…other game do it..why can’t eve. Oh wait….its ccp.

  • bigkierran says:

    imagain having a dome monitor set up just for eve god id love that

  • Azrael1280 says:

    @tagurit2 I dont know any game that can do it that way. The only thing games like CounterStrike do is change the Field of View. With one Monitor you only see a small area in front of you, and with 3 Monitors you can see a lot more things on the left and right side. Imagine a counterstrike map where with 1 monitor you can see the end of a tunnel, and with three monitors you can also see the door on your left with an enemy shooting at you. But looking backwards won’t work.

  • Azrael1280 says:

    @tagurit2 With 3 monitors and geforce-4xx (in SLI) or ati 5xxx (single or crossfire) yes, if the game supports custom non-standard resolutions. Two monitors is a problem because the crosshair would be in the middle, except the game has a special option to correct it (which they normally do NOT have). three monitors would be no problem.

  • Azrael1280 says:

    … I have been using 2 screens in Eve for years – only problem was that one half of the HUD was on the left screen, the other half on the right screen. Has been possible with NVidia cards on WinXP for years (used a GF4ti4200). Now i am using an Eyefinity-Setup with 3 screens, works fine. F-keys, Capacitor and Targets on main screen, everything else on the other screens. Just buy an ATI card 5xxx (i recommend a 5850 or higher) – that’s all.

  • Ambrew11 says:

    EVE would be the best game to have multi monitors setup

  • Asayanami says:

    if they can run at the same resolution then yes
    my moniotrs are 1 inch different in size

  • explodyhead says:

    It might, but it would be wonky.

  • flagbearer223 says:

    Do you know if it works on screens that are different sizes?

  • saudipanda says:

    *jizz in pants*
    Just bought two 32″ full HD, high res babies, and just can’t wait…

  • hunterXXL says:


  • Novalight2550 says:


  • JonnyPew says:

    Best way to play EVE.

  • archangelgabe says:


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