EVE Online: Attempt to kill Moros & Thanatos


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  • Zombiepwnage117 says:

    They docked. EVERYONE does that as a troll move. When you think your target is afk or just stupid, they dock up. Everyone hates it.

  • Bournesax says:

    wtf happened. they both dissapeared with half hp

  • KingLazerman says:


  • ALEX250692 says:

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  • Assasin457 says:

    they were probably going after the command bunker in tama and so needed the dred to take it out

  • nonparei says:

    why was a moros there! it’s not attack ship. The sheer thought of it is funny.

  • wannos27 says:

    bah noobs bashing noobs. your bound to win when you have caps of your own and you outnumber them.

  • wannos27 says:

    in eve you can own entire space statyions yes. by either takeing over some one elses or building them from scratch. you can also own the very fabric of the game which is the space in which you fly its self, you can conquer and occupy entire solar systems and make them your own.. you are ofcourse then responsible for how those systems are run and the necessary laws and protocols which you desire to be the most fitting to be put in place… eve is as free form as you can get..

  • MrGoLuckyFish says:

    Thats is awesome. Thanks for telling me.

  • 1blindcreation says:

    sure u can own one. u can own even a super capital ship :D . u can own almost any ship in the game except jove ships that are not released

  • MrGoLuckyFish says:

    Can you own a capitol ship?

  • KimInChains says:

    Nice clip and GREAT choice of music!

  • 4rchf13nd says:

    webbing puts a cap on the ships propulsion not on the speed so if you bump him its not going to change how fast or far he is going to go but it is going to slow his way back so yeh webbing for a bump can be a good thing…

  • Dagg215 says:

    Minmatar rocks.

  • comicguitar says:

    is that Arnold Schwarzenegger talking?

  • R4Akai says:

    Eve is the real world.

  • caveman999666 says:

    haha epic fail webbing him when u trying to bump him of ststion haha who tould u how to pvp

  • Pallepop909 says:

    what a noob phoenix .. target painting a carrier like enyone would have trouble hitting something with a signature radius like hes _D

  • AsianManZan says:

    BIG! As in 50 times bigger

  • tzeetch75 says:

    james bond

  • bigredson001 says:

    Chimera, a caldari carrier

  • Arbiter617 says:

    Why did the Moros disappear at half armor? Did he jump or something? Or can you enter a station while scrambled? I haven’t PVP’d so I’m curious.

  • 1993futuremarine says:

    whats the ship at 1:40?

  • Frosty301289 says:

    way to little dps to kill them, but they were idiots, the thanatos was way to far away from the station, capitals should be station hugging at all times

  • Cordman1221 says:

    Fantastic video, even if you failed to kill them.

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