Eve Online – AT9 Day 4 – Studio pre fight 2

Alliance Tournament 9 – Day 4 Finals – Studio pre fight 2 Buy new graphic cards at www.evga.com

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I threw this together about a month ago as a funny tribute to my friends in Project Nemesis. Some of them asked me to post it. This will give you an idea of our coms during engagements. I love you guys. I can’t picture killing stuff without you all, well i can picture it however it wouldn’t be as fun \o// Ships flown poorly: Rapier, Basilisk

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  • sudsTengu says:

    @ bigbaderek – stfu a-hole

  • bigbaderek1978 says:

    uhhh…soundwave….uhhh…do you…uhhhh…think that ……uhhh….the machs….uhhhh…ffs spit it out dude

  • vulpineuk says:

    Loving the l33t Gallente pork chops Heimdall :D 

  • N1KOD95 says:

    that drake was harder to kill then the megathron lol

  • Morussian says:

    Фигня какая то, не впечатлило

  • immini192 says:

    Boss, whenever this song plays on my ipod i think of you. <3

  • daubhill2 says:


  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    JUBBIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daubhill2 says:

    btw this is jubbil =]

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    thanks, my corp is a ton of laughs

  • daubhill2 says:

    great vid =]

  • uperkurk says:

    This game is awesome, if anyone would like to try it then pm me with your email address because I have lots exclusive 21 day invites to give out. You got nothing to lose this game is amazing!

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    pvp on the test server is not pvp, the dynamics are totally different. i don’t bother pvp’n on the test server because it doesn’t translate to what actually happens in game.

  • Erebus2075 says:

    first off i haven’t pvp’ed on tq for a long time i find it boring, so all my pvp goes on test, to test and optimize settings.
    fly caldary,amarr,and gallente perfectly and know min’s ships quite well.

    what this have to do with the fact that not having your mwd on fighting a ham/hm using ship is noobish,especially when you need to fly off to keep alive

    though i have nothing against proving this fact to you and if you like we can play some test matches. but if you play like that it is easy kill.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    i would also like to point out i find it funny when ppl that don’t actually fly the ships they argue about, think they’re expert’s in said ships. and after looking at your stat’s in pvp it doesn’t look like you do much of that either

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    yer right, i quit eve

  • Erebus2075 says:

    what? no i haven’t changed anything, that drake won’t be able to touch you with that mwd on and half decend fit, but no way in hell you can kill it solo if it is half decend fitted.

    so where again is it that i have “changed my argument”?

    the fact is that i know how missiles works and how you should use the ship against missiles and apparently you don’t.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    you have changed the argument, you said and i quote
    “the ham has around 150 expl vel, the hm have 130 expl”
    “just keep that mwd on and his missiles won’t touch you… idiot ….”
    Now you say “no hac or smaller then a bs can solo a good fitted drake.” – I thought i stated this before when i said “rapier vs drake, drake wins”
    I made this vid as a light humored tribute to my corp m8′s, you’ve now made them all cry. My mom is going to have a talk with your mom, she is not happy with you.

  • Erebus2075 says:

    okey let me set it down for you, even with MAX skill and best implants the ham has around 150 expl vel, the hm have 130 expl. they both have 100 something in signature, so increasing your sig on a ship already over the signature of the missile vill do nothing to the dmg.
    but increasing your speed to 20 times the expl velocity will remove almost ALL dmg that missile would have hit you with..
    if you don’t know the mechanic don’t try to be wise

  • Erebus2075 says:

    no hac or smaller then a bs can solo a good fitted drake. it have around 400-800+- passive tank and do 100-300 dps (depending on the tank fitting).
    but a good fitted rapier would NEVER EVER die to a drake, no way the drake can even scratch that rapier and it sure as hell can’t catch it and lock it down

  • Erebus2075 says:

    so the calculation you idiot or if you lack the knowledge to do so, just check it in eft ( i think the newest version is up to date with missile calc, not sure haven’t used it in a long time) and you will see that the speed is the MAIN factor, your signature really don’t mean much once you hit high velocity, so the 500% increase in sig is nothing compared to the 1-2000% increase from base speed (if half decend fitted).

  • dimitrikemitsky says:

    Erebus2075, you are really quite terrible. Missiles would still do significantly more damage to an mwding extender fit rapier. Remember the LSEs increase your sig radius, and the MWD multiplies that larger sig by 5.

    In fact you can see the missiles hitting for more when he pulses his mwd if you watch closely. Your pretty bad at this for a max skilled Caldari.

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    My fitting only allows for me to go about 2700-2800m/s which is not enough for me to solo a drake. I know enough about missiles to know rapier vs drake, drake wins

  • Erebus2075 says:

    hahaha so retarded. played the game 4-5 years now as a main caldary can fly any caldary, amarr ship with max skills(not capital)
    if you knew ANYTHING about missiles you would know that after the change to the dmg cal on missile speed become a major issue for them, anything moving at a fast speed is barely scratched, signature effect have been reduced majorly, meaning that if you keep that mwd on those missiles will barely scatch you, unless its light missiles(which won’t touch a t2 cruiser

  • p0rnstorejanitor says:

    wow you really don’t know anything about eve game mechanics do you, a rapier with a mwd turned on can not outrun missiles. What’s funny now is that people are going to read your comments about mwd’s and your the one that will be called a noob. Do some research before you open your mouth.

  • Erebus2075 says:

    NOOOOB!!!! just keep that mwd on and his missiles won’t touch you… idiot ….

  • HaNdGr3NaDe says:

    I love the Ryptaris…he makes me happy! Anyway, Great vid Boss, and you need more Puppet. TBH LOL

  • Wargeneralguy says:

    aaaahhm i use vegas which is why you never hear any primarys being called :P

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