Eve Online – AT9 Day 3 – Pandemic Legion vs HYDRA RELOADED

Eve Online – AT9 Day 3 Group Stage – Pandemic Legion vs HYDRA RELOADED Buy EVE Time Codes at www.shatteredcrystal.com

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10 Responses to “Eve Online – AT9 Day 3 – Pandemic Legion vs HYDRA RELOADED”

  • ainumahtar says:

    Bad opening call on the PL side

  • echonine12 says:

    I saw that whole self-destruct scam a mile away… I can’t believe that PL even went for it.

  • Salah9999 says:

    wow, really all ammar vs all minmatar………….

  • forthereg says:

    @FadedSev3n Im sorry .. you are right …
    but i think everybody who looks at any of ATs knows PL didnt get this one home like the last 3-4 ATs and that hydra won the AT9 … even if they gave it away and ruined the final game.
    but again .. you are right and im as sorry as some one who ran into a gate camp while his ship was fitted with overdrives and cargo expanders and it made its way into a KM .

  • WilsonYu343 says:

    oh shadoo you’re the best

  • Jeff55369 says:

    I call shenanigans. There’s too much odd behavior surrounding pandemic this tournament.

  • ArcaneAzmadi says:

    While I think it’s a good thing to see that PL actually CAN lose (I don’t think I’ve seen them lose even a single match in the last 3 tournaments) I wish they didn’t have to lose like this.

    God I hate these cookie-cutter Minmatar rush teams. So, SO boring.

  • thc024 says:

    GO MIN!

  • FadedSev3n says:

    @forthereg way to spoil this brother

  • forthereg says:

    Lol hydra used the classic PL setup to beat PL with !

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