Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Studio pre fight 8

Alliance Tournament 9 – Day 2 Group Stage – Studio pre fight 8 Buy new graphic cards at www.evga.com

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3 Responses to “Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Studio pre fight 8”

  • suicdekng says:

    I don’t want to be the guy giving CCp Soundwave e-handjobs, but that dude really does crack me up. Please don’t any other companies make him better offers to steal him away from CCP!

  • bobzone09 says:

    FINALLY balance fixes. Way overdue imo. Guardian > all other logistics. Sleipnir > all other command ships. Fleet Stabber is WAY overpowered. Black Ops needs covops cloak capability (they can already jump AND bridge, covops cloak would almost be no advantage) AND balancing. EA frigs desperately need balancing, the Hyena is utterly USELESS.

  • Jeff55369 says:

    lol @ the swearing slip up

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