Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Studio pre fight 7

Alliance Tournament 9 – Day 2 Group Stage – Studio pre fight 7 Buy new graphic cards at www.evga.com

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Eve Online – AT9 Day 3 Group Stage – The G0dfathers vs Wildly Inappropriate Buy new graphic cards at www.evga.com

10 Responses to “Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Studio pre fight 7”

  • SCjake333 says:

    lol cloud

    And full ecm fleets arnt reliable, cool stuff

  • cloudkap says:

    good commentary. just hope i can remember anything, im wasted

  • RoidWalker says:

    ment Astartes ofc..*

  • RoidWalker says:

    lol u obviously never fought against blaster ships. They proly had way more dmg than tengus. Thing is due to loki webing them they never caught up to WI. ships and blasters are basicaly melee range weapons. WI’s kite team was actualy best possible counter against those EOSes and Brutixes

  • Osiris57 says:

    Its just that the other team has no DPS.

  • xenomagnus says:

    I take it the Tengu’s are badass missle boats?

  • Jaigarful says:

    On a side note, that Loki had the Dissolution Sequencer (Sensor Strength and Targeting Range bonus subystem) instead of the webbing subsystem.

  • Jaigarful says:

    Yeah its a potentially bad loadout (I don’t know the eWAR those brutixs carry). They were too dependant on those daredevils for tackle. The slowness of gallente ships combined with WIDOT’s claymore makes it incredibly difficult to catch any of them.

  • ArcaneAzmadi says:

    God, those Astartes are tough! It’s a pity that creativity, originality and a willingness to try something new tends to lose out to simply copying the latest bandwagon setup…

  • ronaldo70003 says:

    its very stupid fit from godfathers

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