Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Pandemic Legion vs Unaffiliated

Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 Group Stage – Pandemic Legion vs Unaffiliated Buy EVE Time Codes at www.shatteredcrystal.com

Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 Group Stage – Circle-of-Two vs Outbreak Buy EVE Time Codes at www.shatteredcrystal.com

31 Responses to “Eve Online – AT9 Day 2 – Pandemic Legion vs Unaffiliated”

  • MovingTarget85 says:

    Man, what a boring tourney so far. Nothing but jamming and minmatar rush set-ups. YAWN.

  • TheoMarkAllen says:

    media matters “liked” this video! must be an intern or something??

  • nibler887 says:

    As an Eve player i say: weird and fun

  • SolemnHiddenCove says:

    *yawn*. The tournaments about fighting. Just ban ecm mods next year. Boring as fuck.

  • LockeXIII says:

    @SmelOdies That’s how I came across this too, lol. Probably just an Eve fan working the YouTube account.

  • SmelOdies says:

    Why would mediamatters4america favorite this? That’s strange. Is someone goofing around over there when they should be watching FNC?

  • dreadisan says:

    if you want to play eve online for 21 day trial and reviev 110 mill if subscribe contact me.

  • ENJager says:

    Speaking of krauts, I wonder why Evoke hasn’t entered the tourny, they’re suppsoed to be pretty good pvpers? And so should NC(dot).

  • N3M3SISWARM says:

    Such an awsome accent! What is it? Icelandic?

  • Urban202 says:

    it’s goodbye…. and last is gone…. love his accent XD

  • Delfinom says:

    @ArcaneAzmadi Then join an alliance and then enter in the tournament. Then proceed to fly a blaster mega so that we can watch as you can’t do damage the moment you are webbed and kept from moving.

  • Delfinom says:

    @MovingTarget85 What the fuck do you want, all badger team? People fly teams that work. And there are reasons why you don’t see many other teams because these specific elements are currently the king ones(projectiles pawn all along with sleipneirs, ecm is op compared to most other ewar,etc).

  • MovingTarget85 says:

    @ArcaneAzmadi I agree 110%. I’m so god damn tired of these cookie-cutter set-ups. ECM teams, kiting teams, Minmatar rush teams. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the fun? I have seriously skipped over half of the matches so far, because I just can’t bring myself to watch YET ANOTHER Minmatar rush set-up.
    Most boring tournament ever, indeed.

  • S4rab says:

    @SirHase I most definaetly agree

    “you are a bad looter” :D

  • SirHase says:

    best comentators so far =)

  • Rellana1 says:

    No evoke in the alliance tourney? They used to have a strong team..

  • RaTGaDig says:

    что за бараны сидят за тенгу?

  • Bigalinbklyn83 says:

    @J801506 Yeah I’ve been looking at Eve for sometime now I have a friend who just got into it. I am gonna try the trial version today.

  • ArcaneAzmadi says:

    It’s just occured to me that this is the most boring Alliance Tournament I’ve ever watched- I am SO SICK of shield tanked Minmatar battlecruiser teams and ESPECIALLY Sleipnirs. Remember the last 2 or 3 tournaments? People used Scorpions, they used Dominixes, they used Ishkurs, they used Megathrons, they used Harbingers, they used Legions, they used Apocalypses, the whole shebang! This time it’s the same damn team in almost every match, more damn Minmatar battlecruisers and command ships!

  • J801506 says:

    @Bigalinbklyn83 Its very addictive and fun, but also hard to get into as a beginner.. but I will say, Eve players are def the most helpful bunch of players Ive ever Mmo’ed with XD

  • crispi100 says:

    Dayum that was fast

  • Thrash06 says:

    @Joon117 Bingo, keep your opponent from speeding away

  • Joon117 says:

    @szejam It disables micro warp drives, so I think that’s what it was used for.

  • szejam says:

    1:32 – Warp Scrambler – Huh?!? o_0

  • commandotoy says:

    @cloudkap i’m hoping for the finals.. its razor vs outbreak.. that will be a good battle :)

  • cloudkap says:

    Outbreak brought the pain like whoa.

  • MrSpetsnaz says:

    @Bigalinbklyn83 Its like Crack

  • tomank101 says:

    <3 shadoo

  • Bigalinbklyn83 says:

    Wow Eve looks like fun I want to play this

  • ChrisArnol9010 says:

    Poor smugdoo :( He isn’t engrish he doesnt know bedder D:

  • vett3l0l says:

    lovely match

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