Eve Online – AT7 Day 5 – Studio pre fight 13

Alliance Tournament 7 – Day 5 Last 32 – Studio pre fight 13 Sign up for a free 14 day trial (No credit card required) at secure.eve-online.com

3 Responses to “Eve Online – AT7 Day 5 – Studio pre fight 13”

  • Asdayasman says:

    You forget that you can harden shields against damage typed. Frequently, I find kinetic is my lowest resist on shields, but only by about 0.4 – 0.9%

  • William Kendrick says:

    not entirely true, i think what they were getting at, was that typically, caldari ships.. they’re just not gonna do as well against a well built, well tested setup. they are all around,and shields, being the first to go down, is a very tricky tactic to keep balanced, so it kinda goes both ways.
    you either look ver ygood doing it, or… you get destroyed quickly, so shields are kinda iffy in the tourney to me, i see them go down very fast, but not many use strictly em damage types…its a tossup

  • xveers says:

    An interesting comment at 8:08, but isn’t the point to win? Simple might not be impressive, but it works. KISS principle, after all :D

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