Eve Online – AT7 Day 3 – SOLAR WING Vs RAZOR Alliance

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39 Responses to “Eve Online – AT7 Day 3 – SOLAR WING Vs RAZOR Alliance”

  • R4Akai says:

    pah razor
    runn aways

  • wtfcraps says:

    EWar will do nothing to this setup so that ROOK did’nt matter a bit. And I was shooting shield bots some of the time. Did’nt matter, if we focused on 1 of the BC ships they would have died regarless of the scimmy

  • wtfcraps says:

    Not sure what you mean by this? RZR sucks now days and has for a long time.
    Crudamus lead this, after much effrot to get Fred0 to allowe me.
    This is a fit I made for AT 6 which Razor was not selected for. The team tell that point was lead by JS Liam, after he inhearted it from Ernest. I some how I got passed up for JS liams (not like it was a suprise fred0 removed a corp just to get me out of alliance) when ernest was AWOL.

  • Azurikman says:

    Iv’e got to say one of my alts is in RZR and from the past videos Ive seen they were losing apart from this one which is a slight uncommon for them but Pandemic legion also recently lost about 14 titans creating a gap worth billions of isk

  • darian1968 says:

    where is real music for this as the sounds suck …. grrr and why is no 1 talking that would be better grr.,

  • xveers says:

    T3 ships can have a very unpleasant damage output, and with the right fittings can punch hard and absorb damage quite well.. but it’s the flexibility of different modules that makes it a far more unpleasant craft.

  • slammerf16 says:

    I was flying the razor EOS and had a small brown trouser moment when my armour fell so far. I broadcast for armour and our proteus soon had it covered.
    EOS was a good call, I wanted to fly damnation (Way stronger tank) but teamboss wanted the extra DPS from 3 T2 sentries.

  • ArcaneAzmadi says:

    Excellent fight. I’m betting whoever decided to switch the shield rep drones from the Scimitar to the doomed Drake would be kicking themselves afterwards.

  • PaulmanC says:

    Wow, that was insane volley damage in the later part of the match. Did they do more damage later in the match than earlier? (longer range led to better tracking?)

    And that Drake/Scimitar kill was like a double play :P

  • labartic says:

    I am guessing the Solar Wing team was maybe overloading to put the ishtar down, then had to stop overloading because it wasnt going down… Would explain how the ishtar was barely hanging on, then managed to be repped back up all the way.

  • SolemnHiddenCove says:

    I’m relatively unaware to the damage potential of t3 ships. But the Solar Wing side were fairly efficiently tearing through the command ship and Hac til the Proteus sorted that, so with regard to that side, fair damage i’d say.

    However Razor having primarily used sentries would probably have trumped them on the damage grid as sentries are just cannons in space and as seen, can tear even a vulture apart in short order.

  • AmayaYuukuno says:

    Well played RZR.

  • wtfcraps says:

    So how much damage where these things doing? I mean they both seem to have had a nice tank.

  • L4NEvox says:


  • darklord399 says:

    That wasn’t fair !

  • budnspud says:

    nooooo!!! i loved that scimitar… it never died in day one! :’(

  • inventiontension says:

    What was that match (AT7) with that guy that made a bit of a comback in the end I think his name was ICE I can’t find it.

  • sorin7486 says:

    I just love how they pronounce “Legiunea Romana” :))))

    hai baietii !!!!!

  • Wookiee3 says:

    The comentators aren’t from CCP as far as I know.
    If they spell their name in Romanian then they have to live with people saying it wrong. If I name my corp Landgångsbröd (Swedish) I’d be a fool to expect people pronoucing it right. You stick to English for international matters for a reason.

  • Tuberuser187 says:

    What a fine specimen of your nationality you are.

  • ancient593 says:

    well, technically that is not their name. Legiunea Romana is what they wrote for their alliance name and that is what their alliance name is. CCP don’t go translating what every name is, that is just pointless. Its like translating what the word “drake” mean. LOL

  • BaalsMistress says:

    Goninzo, LSVVTS, SolemnHiddenCove, you’re all correct.

    The HD version of this vid is 10:12 long and has the whole fight.

    The non-HD version is 8:12 and cuts off with a nighthawk still on the field for the Romanian Legion.

  • gigicaly says:

    As for the Romanian team lets just say the were just as good as our national football team (never expect for them to win as they never do but miracles happen now then, not now thou….) :D:D:D

  • gigicaly says:

    OK these is something for CCP guys:

    Please Next time either learn to read the Romanian words in Romanian or just translate them in English. These is for every alliance named in some “weird” language out here not just for the Romanian guys.

    But I’m from Romania and the way those guys are pronouncing “Legiunea Romana” hurts my ears. :)

    So to help you out here Legiunea Romana = Romanian Legion (in english) :))

  • penitent2401 says:

    3 reasons why they might not target the frigs.
    1) takes longer time to lock on to, esp for big ships and you’ll want as much dmg out as possible.
    2) they’re fast and can dodge alot of the dmg before getting out of optimal range where they takes very little damage, and if bigger ships keep remote repair them with drones or otherwise then they can easily tank till they’re out of optimal range.
    3) they’re not worth alot of points in the tournament.

  • doby22704 says:

    shoulda takin out that inty

  • DeathByDieing says:

    note Crovan refers to the Rooks as Drakes O.o

  • KermodeBear says:

    Corinth: I agree; personally, if I was FCing for these battles, I would clear out the smaller ships as quickly as possible. They’re easy kills and often put out quite a lot of DPS. Max benefit, least effort to pop the small ships, especially since they can’t really tank against large amounts of volley damage.

  • SolemnHiddenCove says:

    I see a perfectly full video. Ending with a passback to soundwave in the studio. Perhaps sufferers of a slow buffer aint getting the entire video. But it’s all there.

  • goninzo says:

    In these videos, it’s nice to see the entire thing.

    In this case, they chopped off another bit of time where the drakes and tengu were taking down the nighthawk.

    The end of the videos should have either ‘match over’ commentary or one side entirely wiped out.

  • LSVVTS says:

    what are u talking about ? u can see to the end, the only left were 2 drakes and a Tengu..

  • goninzo says:

    Where is the rest of this video? It would have been nice to see the end of it, even if it was quick destructions of the nighthawk. I think he might have gotten the ares down too.

    Should have taken out the scimitar right away, I guess.

  • devhdc says:

    Linguini romana .. rofl..

  • ArcaneAzmadi says:

    What the fuck is it with these videos cutting off early? That’s twice now. OK, the outcome was decided, but I wanted to see if the last Nighthawk could kill any of the smaller ships.

    Clever of Wrong Alliance using the Thrashers for anti-drone duty, and a bad mistake for Legiunea Romana to ignore both them and the Ares for so long.

  • Corinth12821 says:

    NH’s are murder for frigs, why they didnt go for them right away after the rooks idk, its less shit to worry about and will pop right awaylet the ishtars go for the scimi after the rooks while the nh’s drop the frigs in a hurry. that would have removed all the support for error. oh well, was a semi interesting fight.

  • Nightmeare says:

    We lost….:(

  • Paladin1973 says:

    “5. Implants that give bonuses to anything other than perception, intelligence, willpower, memory, and charisma are NOT allowed.”

  • cavazos102 says:

    wtf end early?

  • roaringdinoo says:

    ákos kedves milyen ügyes volt ^^

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