Eve Online – AT7 Day 1 – Pandemic Legion Vs Veni Vidi Vici

Alliance Tournament 7 – Day 1 Qualifiers Round 1 – Fight 15 – Pandemic Legion Vs Veni Vidi Vici Sign up for a free 14 day trial (No credit card required) at secure.eve-online.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

The world of EVE is a vast place. This clip shows the EVE map that is an important tool to traverse the solarsystems of world of EVE while maintaining as much security as possible. Author: CCP Join today: trial.eveonline.com

27 Responses to “Eve Online – AT7 Day 1 – Pandemic Legion Vs Veni Vidi Vici”

  • aznrulez54321 says:

    PL lost?

  • Holycani says:

    @Flyinghotpocket why woudl they attack those? they have incredible tanks, they can’t even break the lesser tanked ships

  • frightenedanconfused says:

    great fight

  • GalGamJD says:

    13:56 cell phone!

  • RonPaulRepublic says:

    wooooow good match

  • gearguts1 says:

    @mj12paladin Go back to WoW.

  • 1993futuremarine says:

    Nice job Pandemic Legion. kick ass like always

  • Wargargble says:

    i cant hear a shit :I

  • ChaplainVarnus555 says:

    that was sweet, well played V3, knocking out that curse in the fist min of the match!

  • mj12paladin says:

    V3 is a really shit guild

  • Flyinghotpocket says:

    wow neither of the t2 feroxes were attacked. good job idiots

  • Toneoyay says:

    Pandemic legion should have been the winners, they had an awesome tank and they would have killed v3 with moar time

  • DarthCelcius says:

    @Droce Maybe your a little bit illiterate so ill re quote what he said “Flatnon16UK lol dude, u got it wrong, u always shoot jammers first, then u shoot other e-war ships, then u take down ships with the lowest dps and finish with hardest.”

    u allway shoot jammers first (ofc yeah ok) then u take down ships with the LOWEST DPS FIRST and finish with the hardest (WTF?)

    And that makes sence to you? your not Karl Pilkington are you?

  • bcw81 says:

    @DarthCelcius Can I meet you and pew pew you? (ingame)

  • MasterOfFlash92 says:

    @Droce Dont bet on it sadly enuf ive seen too many of his kind around :/

  • Droce says:

    Darth you’re not that bright are you? He said kill the support/e-war ships first. That makes a lot of sense, and you’d realize this if you weren’t retarded.

  • DarthCelcius says:

    @Flatnon16UK your a clown!

  • DarthCelcius says:

    Well you kinda got it right, apart from the “After killing ewar shoot the lowest dps first bit” your not from goonfleet or CVA are you?

    sounds like it :P

    I mean why shoot the low dps “tanked” ships while the high dps paper thin ships are tearing you apart?

    “Crucrecs” got it correctly on his second go, you could learn from him.

  • Flatnon16UK says:

    lol dude, u got it wrong, u always shoot jammers first, then u shoot other e-war ships, then u take down ships with the lowest dps and finish with hardest. basically u start with ships that stop ur dps, then u eliminate hostile dps.

  • DaAntnee says:

    @Angrylemming3 oh

  • Angrylemming3 says:


    Mentioned the generic WoW-clone grindfest that is Aion.

  • Crucrecs says:

    About Eve PvP. The very good thing to do is to focus on one target at a time, categorizing from most powrful to least. That way instead of having say 10 ships shooting you at once and spreading out your fire you would have 4 ships firing at you and you will take less damage. On the other hand, if you happen to find Logistics or Jamming ships they should be your primary target, with those ships acive it is much harder to destroy your more important targets. Anyways, nice vid! :D

  • DaAntnee says:

    I guess. I wouldn’t give mine out though. It would suck if it went to the wrong dood. You know, like a sicko or something.

  • soulshrine says:

    see i knew when i wrote that that someone would say that, do you have any idea how many people out there give their email to random people and nothing bad happens? :P

    the only thing you should never give out is your password :]

    that and you could easilly make a email just for your eve account, i also think you can change the email not sure on that.

  • DaAntnee says:

    I just wanna know what ‘iamwalls’ said to get 3 thumbs-downs ;P

  • evesource says:

    Is this a alpha/beta version of potential map revamps?

    I dig the fonts and map functionality.

    Can I has please?


  • eveships says:

    @chermobil2 yea

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