Eve Online – AT7 Day 1 – Banzai Boys Vs Notoriety Alliance

Alliance Tournament 7 – Day 1 Qualifiers Round 1 – Fight 2 – Banzai Boys Vs Notoriety Alliance Sign up for a free 14 day trial (No credit card required) at secure.eve-online.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Eve Online – AT7 Day 1 – Banzai Boys Vs Notoriety Alliance”

  • kingsukkelnoob says:

    @JossJossJoss1 how about they don’t know the fits? and they do tell you a bit of their tactics, but anyway, they do great so stfu =]

  • spandexninja says:

    i never knew the legion looked so cool

  • JossJossJoss1 says:

    why are the commentators so rubbish? I’ve been playing eve for a few months and I could do better. Is it just that the commentators are, in fact, rubbish? Because there is so little mention of ACTUAL FITS AND TACTICS it feels like they avoid mentioning them. Plz make me commentator instead.

  • paperbea says:

    @thirdimpact I think ccp claw would blow it up before you can do anything

  • dshanika says:

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  • palidan99 says:

    why is it that all these commentaries are about a second or two faster than the video?

  • thirdimpact says:

    If I had a a mothership, I would so crash this. >:)

  • Razputin53 says:

    what are the rules to these tournaments?

  • qwijjibow says:

    rokh has a mean passive tank too…
    you can get 250 000 ehp out of the ship too… setup with 4 cruise and the other 4 for tractor/salvage… works great for lev 4 missions just have a dps alt ship to help kill the stuff cuss you will have embarassing dps in the rokh :)

  • rbellev says:

    That, is the power of the house of horrors of Sansha’s Nation.

    My favorite ship is the Phantasm.

  • yuki953 says:

    I want to see mega-mega0mega-mega-mega-mega ect, all fitted with armor rep drones and blasters

  • mintoreo1 says:

    of course, that’s what I think when someone says passive. but I’m arguing that the commentator wasn’t necessarily incorrect in calling it a passive tank.

  • Xalor69 says:

    It really depends how you define Passive doesn’t it?

    I’ll take my large buffer, short shield regeneration time Drake and fly it somewhere away from you, since I have active hardeners on it for that extra oomph. You’d probably try to have me banned from Eve for calling it passive.

    To me there are no passive armor tanks. Either buffer or active.

    And to 90% of Eve, if you say passive tank they hear “large shield buffer, short regen time, no shield booster” and think Drake.

  • swindonbadger says:

    one of the more intresting fights but curses dint long enough to turn the tide it seems.

  • mintoreo1 says:

    that is a passive tank. armor buffer is a type of passive tank

  • TheGreenestTube says:

    hahahaha that is freaking crazy, But what i think is even crazier is how someone can make 125$ online in 1 freakin hour. The possibilities are endless, CHECK< it OUT

  • buddahJesus says:

    that was impressive

  • ExplosionEd says:

    Long Live the NIGHTMARES!!!

    I was a little worried for the Nightmares with all that cap warfare though.

  • jkajz says:

    Mes Ren’s fixation on Amarr ships is getting out of hand by now. It was nice some tournaments ago, but we would like to see some creativity again. Also where is Rooster? :)

  • Xalor69 says:

    Proteus obviously wasn’t passive tanked, else it would have disintegrated after shields were gone. High resist, big buffer, armor tank.

  • ArcaneAzmadi says:

    Hmm, a better match than the first one, but now I’m even more bothered by what I’m seeing. In both matches the team with 2 Rooks won comfortably; while both Rooks and the Scimitar went down eventually this time, the Banzai Boys just claimed too much of an early advantage.

  • Asdayasman says:

    Dude, Halo and EVE are about as far apart from eachother as you can get, wtf are you doing here?

  • MrBig0606 says:

    The Abso for NOTR lost connection about a few seconds into the fight which was a huge disadvantage because it had somewhere close to 900dps and gang bonuses which would have helped the rest of the ships hang in there

  • dikkeroege says:

    lol proteus imploded

  • penitent2401 says:

    structures are not good tanks, so often just disappears after the armor goes.

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