EVE Online – AT10 Day 8 Match 15 – HUN Reloaded vs Verge of Collapse

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25 Responses to “EVE Online – AT10 Day 8 Match 15 – HUN Reloaded vs Verge of Collapse”

  • joesheepy says:

    I’m sorry you seem to misunderstood me correcting you. You were in the wrong and are going to cry over it? Ouch dude, you should try growing up.

  • TopToff12 says:

    Did i hurt your feelings precious? Your insults hurt so much, ill cry it out over my 50 Etana’s….

  • TeamLexana says:

    WOW! My old Aquilla mates were not only in the tournament but won the FUCKER! Hells yeah! Congrats Fatyn and Shin!

  • joesheepy says:

    Then you have a ” hurhur you lost y u mad XD ” response that everyone uses. Naise. You’re almost as repetitive as these set-ups.

  • joesheepy says:

    Then you have a ” hurhur you lost y u mad XD ” response that everyone uses. Naise. You’re almost as repetitive as these set-ups.

  • joesheepy says:

    You honestly think I’m in PL? teehee! oh boy, someone is a bit narrow-minded huh c:
    I said I wanted to see something different, not vargurs, not sleips. Something different.

  • joesheepy says:

    mfw I’m not in PL either. Damn kid, you’re fucking retarded huh :’)

  • joesheepy says:

    I’m not in either alliance. lol, dumb fuck.

  • TopToff12 says:

    I loved how imaginative you were when you had to take HUN’s Vargurs to beat TEST. That was really original mate. Good job! Or are you mad at the fact you took the hard counter to the Vargur’s and still lost?

  • TopToff12 says:

    Lets be honest, you would do what it took to win. Rather than what would make you look like you had the biggest e-peen. This is pretty much a typical PL response… Be disappointed all you want. Ill still enjoy the 50 Etana’s mate. Cheers!

  • Uwoulddo says:

    Does the fat guy ever shut up ?

  • lkknee says:

    people keep acting like this was just a wormhole corp that is good at small scale pvp. Look at who was in the team, they are an assortment of very old 0.0 eve pvpers.

  • GodsColdblood1 says:

    The true key is being a BEAST

  • xxDEAGORxx says:

    ye i was agreeing with you :) i was just stating that the reason a wormhole corp/alliance would do better in something like the alliance torney is they have more experience than null sec’ers would with the 11ship gang as null sec’ers are more used to the big blobs though you are right in C5′s and C6′s caps are common and fleets can get pretty large

  • TheNotEverything says:

    So you’re basically agreeing with me? Either way, I agree with you wormhole pvp is mainly small scale pvp. Though it is fairly well known that wormhole alliances use carriers and dreads in wormholes. It isn’t that much different. Just different tactics for fighting on either side of a wormhole.

  • xxDEAGORxx says:

    the thing about wormhole corps is that they have much much more experience in small and mid sized gang PvP null sec corps nearly always have 200+ man blobs with capital support and in the case of ones like PL super cap drops to reinforce them in wormholes theres no hot-drops and the mass restrictions on holes means smaller groups and if you want reinforcements you have to wait for them to slowboat to you

  • aurae69 says:

    Best AT i can remember seeing, though time to consider shaving a few percent off matari ships IMO.

  • jtamerlin says:

    that’s a lot of minmatar

  • pheonex says:

    True, although in fairness most of those pilots have played in k-space for most of their eve careers. Funnily enough a few have been in genos and hydra

  • joesheepy says:

    Read next time then man.

  • KittJT2 says:

    yeah. just as another AT team, they were decent, but people go around acting like they’re all that. Just haven’t seen it. Though I really did like their widow team.

  • antipryzm says:

    IMO, if you compare it to their surprise stealthbomber buttsecks, then yeah it does seem lackluster.. but if you just look at them as another AT team, then they had a good run. their widows were a great surprise and i honestly expected HUN to lose, though I rooted hard for them.

  • westav26 says:

    calm down lol

  • joesheepy says:

    I’m not saying hun are. I’m saying both teams are unimaginative. Please, read my reply to a similar response such as yours before commenting.

  • Trev0010 says:

    Clearly the imaginative ones are the people using the same setup over and over? or the imaginative ones are people who get rapped by HUN who knew what they were coming up against?

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