EVE Online – AT10 Day 2 – Capital Punishment vs Suddenly Spaceships

EVE Online – AT10 Day 2 – Capital Punishment vs Suddenly Spaceships www.eveonline.com community.eveonline.com

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  • Kratax says:

    Why is the speech so low, I can’t hear much.

  • 3dkiller says:

    brutal fight !

  • Seakingization says:

    That, ladies and gentlemen, was the EVE equivalent of Mike Tyson pinning Steven Hawking to the ground and wailing on his face.

  • jsh1103 says:


  • jsh1103 says:

    Honestly capital punishment just suck all together as a alliance, couldn’t kill a alliance after wasting the isk to keep under war dec for 5 months, lose all their pos’s and then disband some time later only to reform and still be the same shitty alliance all over again…

  • BrooklynXT1 says:

    The vindi was prob fit with 4 magstabs and 2 tracking enhancers in the lows for max DPS, tracking, and range. Null would have still Fracked them up no matter what ranges the Talo’s tried to pull.

  • BrooklynXT1 says:

    Stop trying to expect eve to hold your hand to guide you. Think of something you want to do and do it. This is a sandbox, you make up your profession, its still all built into the game anyways. I suggest going evil because that’s a lot of fun.

  • felixarbable says:

    these commentators are terrible, seriously.

  • senorelroboto2 says:

    Pick one field and learn that field. Find something you like and ignore everything else in EVE.

  • bobzone09 says:

    They had a logi, the important part was to kite the webs, not the DPS. If they started to get overwhelmed, they could just burn away from the Vindi. Once you’re webbed, no dice.

  • Slothen3 says:

    yeah, but a shield vindicator will have the same if not better range with null than any talos.

  • chawkala says:

    2100 dps from the vindicator overloaded with implants btw

  • chaosfool says:

    set up was good. warp in forced the fight to take place as it did. you cant burn away from a shield vindi in talos’s and think youll have anything left. only option was to burn the vindi down. there is 1800 dps coming off the vindi and 3500 dps coming off the talos’s so the match comes down to can the talos’s burn the vindi down before 2 of them are dead.

  • plebusmaximus says:

    i never liked michael bolton the singer, but compared to michael bolton the announcer, he rocks.

  • bobzone09 says:

    Methinks the shield tanked Vindi probably only had 1, maybe 2 webs. One or two could’ve made it out to range and easily hit with null.

  • Garvielok says:

    Look for Jampyzero and watch kil2′s videos.

  • hyperapathy says:

    Not really, warp-in had all of the brawling ships around 500-2000m from each other and all three Talos were webbed straight off.

  • geramul says:

    One thing you need to come to terms with is you’re going to lose ships in PvP, it’s unavoidable. For example one day you might have bad luck and warp into a bubble camp or some other unpleasant shit, and there’s not much you can do. Each death will teach you something new though, trust me.

  • Rebornneo says:

    ^ These people are why eve is awesome.

    The assholes also make it fun. <3 to every player.

  • bobzone09 says:

    Suddenly CCPGAMES videos in my subs.

  • bobzone09 says:

    If they’d just kited the Vindi’s webs they might’ve made it longer than fucking 30 seconds. Capital brought a good setup, but any setup sucks if you use it wrong.

  • durizap says:

    Commentators failing hard….again. I wonder if they have done a proper job in any match at all.

  • StinkyGreenBud says:

    When i first started eve i got into a corp and climbed there ranks. CEO pissed me off so i robbed the corp for everything it was worth. I sold half of the stuff back to them for random prices and the rest on the market. But what is funny is that CEO still harasses me about that indecent and i’m blacklisted from joining any corp. I did this back in 2003 btw.

  • 0MaxK0 says:

    I was in the same bind for a while, my only suggestion (and to be honest the only one I have seen work) is to join a corperation, hopefully it will support microphones and team chat. You learn alot faster, progress with specialised skill training, make more money but the most important aspect is after youve made a few friends in the group you have a laugh in the merciless world of computer space ships

  • Turbolinux999 says:

    Nah, he probably doesn’t understand how Gerbils fight…

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