EVE-Online Armor Adaptive Hardener I Test Server

A quick overview of the Armor Adaptive Hardener being introduced to EVE online in Inferno. This is the module as it appears in Singularity build 374002 on 5/15/2012. The module changes it’s resistance bonuses when active to better counter the damage types you’ve been receiving. It does cost 42 GJ every 10 seconds so it’s one of the more cap intensive armor modules (besides an armor repairer), and it’s overheat makes it even more intensive. Every damage types starts at 15%, but will increase or decrease by 1% every time the module cycles to try and maximize against the damage being received, as long as the total resists always add up to 60%. Best part of the module though is that it ignores stacking penalty. PvE this module should see use in tanks to reduce the number of hardeners being swapped between missions, in addition to providing more overall resistance than a second hardener of any type. So in short, 1 hardener setups stay 1 hardener, 2 hardeners can be a specific and an adaptive if so desired, and 3 types will probably always be 2 specific and 1 adaptive. PvP. I’m not sure what to call on this since I’ve only just started PvPing myself, but it seems that it should be most successful in small gang/solo PvP where it should have enough time to adapt during the fight and pay off the extra damage you received before it adapted, and the incoming damage is usually spread between two damage types with only a small amount of other damage. Final thoughts: It’s easily better

3 Responses to “EVE-Online Armor Adaptive Hardener I Test Server”

  • Squelch133 says:

    Do drones in missions do omni damage¤

  • Smokasaurus says:

    >Playing on test server where you can fly any ship you’re capable of for 100isk
    >Chooses a bad ship for missions
    >Asks for forgiveness on bad ship choice…


  • startide says:

    Thanks for this very informative video, it’s indeed a very nice module. It’s “exotic” by eve standards and will bring new EFT warrioring discussions to the table.

    Well done CCP :)

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