EVE Online Archon Carrier

a little preview of an Archon carrier. I was bored lol

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  • Soothfish says:

    @TheEffectPerson Carrier are very good for C5 wormholes. They escalate the sleeper sites and can do a great job defending poses, mostly because enemies can’t bring capitals into the wormholes ;P

  • MrParkyr says:

    what is the song?

  • MrParkyr says:

    what is the song?

  • atwoods3 says:

    Message me with your email address to receive a 21 day buddy invite. Also if you decide to subscribe to the game i’ll send you 250 million isk. Dont believe anyone claiming to offer a 30 day trial there is no such thing. the longest possible trial period is 21 days.

  • TheEffectPerson says:

    @xXXHitsugayaXXx Oh, thanks, I dont think we will have a problem with smaller vessels, 2 archons? :P

  • xXXHitsugayaXXx says:

    @TheEffectPerson – oh jeez, this video is like 1000 years old. carriers are great for pvp now against other cap ships and structures, battleships as well but have a hell of a time against smaller vessels.

  • TheEffectPerson says:

    @xXXHitsugayaXXx Hm…Any Carriers that do PvP? My corp is moving into a wormhole soon so, we kinda need ships to guard our POS, and you said they are good for POS guarding but PvP, not so much…

  • falconexarct says:


  • PyromandanPwnr says:

    @xXXHitsugayaXXx I will say however, that now that you can assign the fighters, and also new fighter bombers, you dont even need the carrier there, just in system. they are a great tool on gate fleet pvp, militia warfare, and in helping defend your pos from attackers, or to aid attackers by defending them from defenders.

  • Rivik616 says:

    Long live our Empress and Glory to our everlasting Empire!!

  • shivviper1 says:

    fucking shitty music.. lowering volume wasnt enough i had to mute headphones..

  • BlackAngelus says:

    fail music

  • KittyRokher says:

    Is it just me or at 0:52 does it look like a really big smiley face?

  • kurisu925 says:

    @kurisu925 Remember you don’t allways have to even fire a single shot to be the winning factor in a battle.

  • kurisu925 says:

    @xXXHitsugayaXXx Did I mention all of these modules can be active at the same time and the ship still be stable on capacitor use? Also it leaves all of the mid slots open allowing you to use enough eccms to reach over 400 in signal strength so good luck trying to jam them. This ship is the core of every pvp fleet I have ever flowen in. it is fun when it takes 25,000 dps to even scratch the paint on your entire fleet.

  • kurisu925 says:

    @xXXHitsugayaXXx So you are saying the carrier is no good for pvp? Ok let me challenge that logic for a moment. 2 Archons are in your fleet each equipped with 2 capitol energy transfer arrays which they use to give eachother over 1660 cap per second. 2 capitol remote armor reps which they can use to give any ship in the fleet with 70-80% resists a 25,000 dps perma tank. And 2 capitol armor reps leaving them a minimum tank of 17,000 for themselves.

  • BruisingMrB says:


  • RockyTM says:

    yeah, it is, haha. But people don’t put in 16.000 light drones in there, ofc :P Fighters eat a lot :x

  • bmten10 says:

    is it possible to put like 16,000 hobgoblins in thier lol?

  • EnviousEyes23 says:

    Lyricless version of Red Fraction. I like it.

  • SargentandGreenLeaf says:


  • SargentandGreenLeaf says:

    that’s not a shuttle moron

  • RockyTM says:

    5000m³ for Fighters.

  • 1800Supreme says:

    close but it’s 80,000 m3 for drones

  • Trace284 says:

    Because as it turns out, not everyone is as awesome as you.

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