EVE Online: Apocrypha – Wormhole Space Showcase!!!

Here it is guys, the video you’ve all been looking for. an In depth look at the new wormholes and un-explored space coming in the next EvE-Online expansion Apocrypha! Music: Band of Horses – The Funeral Flobots – Handlebars

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25 Responses to “EVE Online: Apocrypha – Wormhole Space Showcase!!!”

  • FALCO64125 says:

    @sindri66 good vid, good music :D no offense… oh wait, that wasn’t offensive… so I don’t have to say no offense…. Your mother is fat and ugly, no offense

  • QarraxZoi says:

    @iSewil 2 regular reps and 2 remote reps for spider tanking he mentions in the begining

  • sindri66 says:

    good vid bad music XD no offence ><

  • Zodiark1593 says:

    Dam, those sleepers mean business. Imagine being able to build sleeper drones of your own.

  • airshowsrock says:

    wth the one ship you zoomed on was like a mutant urgoror well the first one

  • airshowsrock says:

    wth the one ship you zoomed on was like a mutant urgoror

  • iSewil says:

    lol wtf 5 armor reps?

  • Rangerfull3 says:

    looks epic………..very epic

  • DarqueTidings says:

    This game always looks so beautiful, every time I see it. I’ve never played any sort of MMO, but I’m falling in love with this one.

  • UnibX says:

    That WH effect looks better in my opinion.

  • 1506Eddy says:

    Good job with the vid guys, i Enjoyed watching =]

  • Vermiliontea says:

    Excellent video. One of the better and more representational I’ve seen. I haven’t played EVE seriously for over 1½ year, close to 2, actually, so I’ve missed all the WH bonanza, missing planets right now too, I think. Sometimes I wish I had time to dive in seriously again. G knows me and my old mates have a lot of payback to both claim and dish out, haha.

  • Zatark5 says:

    @Cyndrakkos Only Forces you would encounter are sleepers and Corp/Alliance POS that would try to pop you

  • goodatlinerider says:

    @ryaneebs Hah, the last trial I had I lasted 20 minutes and never went on again. But every video I watch I feel like I wish I was playing it. I love how I don’t need to be a fighter in the game, i can be an explorer, or a trader, and everything is almost all player made!

  • WingzOverBagdad says:

    I just went in non occupied WH space on or around the 24th of aug. located somwhere near Hedion system. sure to have collapsed by now but deffinately there are some out there. unless im just real lucky

  • ryaneebs says:


    Haha to some, it can be yes =P Eve is NOT for everybody.

  • ryaneebs says:


    No bounties, just super valuable loot and salvage =)

  • ryaneebs says:


    Absolutely. As I hear it told, its hard to find NON occupied WH space now a days =)

  • ryaneebs says:

    @goodatlinerider Im with you on STO, its to cookie cutter, you have no freedom, no sandbox really. That was a long time ago (almost 2 years now!) filmed on the test server before it went live on the real server, We ended up just self destructing our selves to get since we didnt care =)

    Give eve another chance, it really is a great game, it takes alot to get into (I did 3 trials myself before getting hooked) so keep trying, its worth it.

  • Cyndrakkos says:

    Are there any forces that maintain serious forces in w-space? Like, using it as a base of operations?

  • goodatlinerider says:

    So did you warp to known space or not? Im super new to Eve, I tried the trial once and it was really confusing so I quit, but I wanna play it still. Im in love with space and star trek online just isn’t that good.

  • BasementDweller09 says:

    Flobots – Handlebars is Hip hop, you godamn retard.

  • evey9333 says:

    Yay unfitting music!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Paintchk218 says:

    5 stars man
    plus those graphic’s are great. best I’ve ever seen on EVE

  • cobolt95 says:

    havnt done a WH yet. been through many but not this aspect. what sort of bounties do you get on sleepers?

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