Eve Online: Apocrypha – Gallente Introduction Video

As part of the new player experience revamp we’ve created short introduction videos for each race to be played upon character creation. More information can be found at www.eveonline.com. What type of pilot will you be? Start exploring Eve Online with a free 14 day trial here: secure.eve-online.com

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  • RyRyUNDEAD says:

    Send me a message [including your email address] for a free 21 day trial [the standard trial is only 14 days] if you take me up on this offer I’ll help you in game with missions/making ISK.

    Not only that once you decide to subscribe I’ll send you a number of ships to get you started along with 100 million ISK.

    On top of the assets you’ll receive you shall continue to receive my help in game until you no longer need it.

  • straswa says:

    Yay Gallente!

    Love the Catalyst. Ultimate workhorse of a destroyer.

  • LordKorloros says:

    @macretenra i agreed with this till the last part.

  • OptimalRidge says:

    I saluted all the way through this video. Thumbs up if you approve.

  • OptimalRidge says:

    @Mohsin77 Fortunately, we have evolved enough to separate the works of things that are likely to be true and those things that are likely to be untrue. Unfortunately, the claims in the Qu’ran about the major issues, like the existence of God, Muhammads spirituality and the justification to kill can not be supported by any external sources of evidence.

    In addition, we have discovered there are more sources for religion adapting over time compared to religion being our first, great beginnings.

  • DannyPolDiaz says:

    @TheMrJacksson Amen to that, not to mention the fact that the few true tribes that are left now to rot in reservations are slowly losing their culture, watching their entire existence disappear right in front of them. I saw a documentary filmed in an indian reservation where they were struggling to get food and educate their kids. They’re still trying to keep their language alive, the poor souls. Now THAT”s something to bitch about. But do you ever hear a native american complain? Nope.

  • DannyPolDiaz says:

    @macretenra yeah now lets stfu and play some eve!!!

  • DannyPolDiaz says:

    @Seriphyn because the minmitar are the slaves of eve, and of course, black people want to pull the race/pity card, even though the entire world was at one point enslaved by Mongolians, but you don’t hear us (as in every race) bitching about it for hundreds of years. Yeah, I said it.

  • ParadigmShiftr says:

    @Seriphyn Because the two most plentiful elements in the universe and hydrogen and stupidity.

  • sevlarievlis says:

    @Mohsin77 Are you kidding?!?! The Qu’ran?!?! Please!!!!

  • BljesakiOluja says:

    I’ll enslave you!

  • StormRaven332 says:


  • Seriphyn says:

    Why the hell is there an argument about slavery and bloodline on a video about EVE Online?!

  • theworldisyettobe says:

    @TheMrJacksson Cameron has not said this. and i think youll find on average the EU is more liberal than most others large human rights laws and the such. Oh and i think youll find that the nationalist party in the UK is vasty frowned upon and that the UK has many intergrated cultures in it just as france and many other European nations. Oh and cameron is an idiot who will hopefuly have his coalition fall apart and Labour will return. (UK is Socialist and on average so is France)

  • TheMrJacksson says:

    @theworldisyettobe Yes! God bless France. God bless ‘¨Front National’ who’ll soon rule France! Equally, God bless the nationalists of Britain, who made David Cameron declare multiculturalism DEAD! Not to forget Germany, either! With Merkel being the first one of the big countries to declare multiculturalism DEAD! I’m not saying anything of this is negative.

    And, by the way, calling EU anything close to a liberal society is going to make me laugh all the way to France.

  • TheMrJacksson says:

    @macretenra True, dat. Likewise is it with the Jews of todays world. Going around whining about how horribly bad they have been treated, even though this generation of Jews has been treated better than anyone else, and they still go and make themselves guilty of war crimes.

    If anyone has the right to whine it’s the Indians, or ‘the Native Americans’, because unlike the Jews and the Africans, some tribes actually were extinct due to European occupation, but they don’t go around crying today.

  • Overdoseplus says:

    The Federation has nothing to do with the EU.

    Get your real world politics out of my EVE.

  • theworldisyettobe says:

    @Zares28 um if you where to base the gallentae on anyone it would be the EU. One of the most tolearant multicultural nations (Britain and France) are in the EU. The EU is a union of diffrent nations that is what the GF is. I dont think America is actualy in EVE at all.

  • ParadigmShiftr says:

    @Mohsin77 Hah. I love how you’re picking out the worst aspects of the factions in a video game and baselessly associating them with the United States.

    You aren’t boased at all, are you? Have a nice day, because your idiocy just made mine.

  • Mohsin77 says:

    @DrRockso99 Most of the New Testament was written and came from men .. and men who never even knew Jesus but made the stuff up

    The only un corrupted revelation to come from God is the Qu’ran

    and I seriously doubt you have read any of it … try reading just one chapter pal

    Peace. :)

  • Mohsin77 says:

    @ParadigmShiftr Amarr – USA – slavery of blacks and ethnic cleansing of native american indians (Minmitar) and White Australians – Aboriginies and White South Africans – racist against blacks

    Amarr are pretty much white racists

    George Bush and Tony Blair went to war because ‘God’ told them to lol … they are both Christians .. do u really think Jesus would accept war

    Caldari – USA – hyper capitalist, claims to support democracy aroun the world but in reality installs and supports dictators

  • Mohsin77 says:

    @macretenra Only a white person would say that … to excuse what his ancestors did. And i won’t be surprised if you are racist or your offspring and their future generations ..

  • Fredfredbug4 says:

    You are all retarded. Arguing like children over which country equals which race. It is blatantly obvious that all the races are mixes of current and ancient civilizations that inspired CCP. There is no America, Russia or whatever in this game. Just 4 unique factions.

  • theworldisyettobe says:

    @JamaicanMan18 great britain colonized the americas and took 40% of the planet do you really think that 40% consider themselves British. People born in america are american, people born in Australia are Australien people born in britain are british people born in Gallente are Gallentean people born in Caldari are awsome, people born in Amarr are cool, and people born in matar need more duck tape

  • lyncho6969 says:

    @ParadigmShiftr Amarr: Intergalactic catholic church

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