Eve Online: Apocrypha – Amarr Introduction Video

As part of the new player experience revamp we’ve created short introduction videos for each race to be played upon character creation. More information can be found at www.eveonline.com. What type of pilot will you be? Start exploring Eve Online with a free 14 day trial here: secure.eve-online.com

25 Responses to “Eve Online: Apocrypha – Amarr Introduction Video”

  • RyRyUNDEAD says:

    Send me a message [including your email address] for a free 21 day trial [the standard trial is only 14 days] if you take me up on this offer I’ll help you in game with missions/making ISK.

    Not only that once you decide to subscribe I’ll send you a number of ships to get you started along with 100 million ISK.

    On top of the assets you’ll receive you shall continue to receive my help in game until you no longer need it.

  • Deyyhayederaned says:

    @billyboyjennings That made me unload a bucket of lols, thanks for that ;D

  • tommyk1214 says:

    Amarr = US/Iran
    Caldari = Japan/South-Korea
    Gallente = France/Western-Europe
    Minmatar = Liberia

  • JimmyPopization says:

    If anyone’s looking for a 21 day trial of this game instead of the normal 14 day trial send me a PM with the e-mail you would like it sent to and you will have an extra week of game-time. The 21 days will be added to the 30 you get for subscribing making it a good way to get free time even if you plan to subscribe right away.

    Note there is a limit, first come first serve

  • BljesakiOluja says:

    prepare for penetration!

  • StormRaven332 says:

    Ammar and Caldari = People who get shit done.
    Gallente and Minmatar = Pot smoking emo cry babys.

  • SchwartzBOSS says:

    Look at Thorax :p

  • AstroAntaAposAnarch says:

    @billyboyjennings Well, I could go with both. Be a son of both worlds. It would certainly fit my true ancestry perfectly.

  • billyboyjennings says:

    @AstroAntaAposAnarch Would you want to be a holy warrior who strikes down heretics with righteous fury or would you rather be a smelly retarded savage who shits all over everything?

    Seems like an easy decision to me.

  • Rawr5649 says:

    @Powervomit I heard they buffed amarr

  • AstroAntaAposAnarch says:

    I’m having a hard time deciding whether to go Amarr or Minmatar when I start playing.

  • TheStalkerer says:

    The Avatar looks like a penis because you are swinging the biggest dick in the universe.

  • SamJamRic says:

    Attention players who believe that the Avatar looks like a penis!… Go to the doctor….

  • sonicspeedx13 says:

    @CorranHalcyon I’m more scared of how the gallente ships are built o-o I mean…look at the DDD for the Gallente Titan O_O.
    Amarr ships…well…they just make me laugh, I play Minmatar so I just have to laugh at there ships, there caulter, and how brain washed they are :3

  • CorranHalcyon says:

    Gallente ships look like somebody puked in zero-g and decided to call it a ship design. Amarrian ships are elegant, well designed, and lethal in combat. Long live the Amarr Empire.

  • CorranHalcyon says:

    @Powervomit And one of the Gallente looks like like a vagina (megathron) all I’m saying.

  • ivantheterrible60 says:

    i have to go caldair for me. like the feel of there ships. more realistic si-fi. the gallente look like a alien race. the ammar and religious zelots no thanks. mimtar cool looking ships but seem rusty dirty and unorganized. the caldari and organie and put together. hope to be a caldair scientist

  • Gruntcrazy says:

    @Powervomit oh dont hate on them jsut becasue their titan looks like a sideways shroom, jsut think of them as the space marines from Warhammer 40k

  • McBlemmen says:

    If you think the amar titan looks like a penis , you need some serious biology lessons

  • mattyboy7071 says:

    @bluesmoke21 well its better to give than recieve anyway right? all the other factions have to bend over for that fucker haha!

  • Kranoes says:

    Dr. Robotnic Is pleased With amarrs Pingas titan

  • JamaicanMan18 says:

    the front of the apocalypse class battleship was modeled off the typical amarrian nose.

    the front of the avatar bears a similar face to what amarrian females do to their slaves in secret.

  • TheLowercasea says:

    I like caldarians the best:

    Caldari: Not evil, look awsome.

    Amarr: Totally evil, look ok.

    Gallente: Snooty/better-than-thou idiots/partially crazy, look like floating turds.

    Minmatar: Not evil/slightly barbaric, look like cardboard and tape/wood and nails.

  • PixelNuke says:

    Gallente ships look like green, deformed lumps of shit.

  • systemsfailed says:

    The Minmitar ships are held together by duct tape
    The Gallente are fools who couldn’t keep their drones under control and unleashed a menace upon the galaxy
    The caldari are fine by me

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