EVE Online: Amarr Shader Model Update Trailer

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EVE Fanfest 2011: Who needs a CEO? Guest Lecture. Influence without authority: Here’s how you can grow your influence and get things done, even when you’re not in charge.

24 Responses to “EVE Online: Amarr Shader Model Update Trailer”

  • kristalghost says:

    google “chart things you can do in eve” first link

  • moochacho1 says:

    lol ok well since corp friendly fire exist ill stay solo in my own corp. i am making so much money that i cant afford to risk it by joining a corp or inviting new people. and im not into pvp or mining so thats another reason :(

  • sonicssidekick says:

    swiftandbitter .co m/eve/wtd/eve-wtd.jpg chart from the slide.

  • SnookiedLuvsU says:

    That fucker popped my pvp cherry. :3

  • Maglouk says:

    Hell of a good presentation, that guy got some magic

  • angulion says:

    Very interesting presentation

  • Garpgasm says:

    great presentation, god damn

  • TonicEnergy says:

    I stopped playing as well, i just fukin sick and tired of the emo politics and fleets running away from my fleet cause they felt intimidated……

  • jbrouhard says:

    Bah.. Need subtitles for those of us who are deaf… Seriously.

  • Requal82 says:

    I really want to know where I can see or download that chart/tree that is in the background, anyone?

  • Fulmarmusic says:

    ooo, lovely, an NLP class…. lets wash our minds of our previously terrible inspiration…. and accept the battlclinic american with the little beard as gospel…

    its science people, its science… look science…

    : /….. -1

  • hazeee123 says:

    I don’t play eve anymore but this was a really cool and useful presentation not just for eve but for life.

  • McBlemmen says:

    around 40 min the audio gets out of synch :(

  • d0mainNZ says:

    people listen to me, but normally cause I will doomsday them if they wont, true story

  • kraloose says:

    Oh and btw, nice favourited EVE video.

  • kraloose says:


  • thing2liv says:

    Well you really didn’t make that clear given what i had said, also you “quoted” me on this ideal of it being mainly interfaces, I was talking about the screen, as a reply to a different users joke.
    I agree with what you say, but your being really stupid here.
    I never once said that the Economy of EVE is a interface did i? Yet how you view it OH HI THEIR.
    Also you said that “EVE is not MAINLY interfaces”, my reply is that IT IS, They are how you affect the game, their a major part. END

  • kraloose says:

    did i mention anything to do with the “pretty pictures”? because you seem to be “quoting” me on it. guess what your keyboard is? an interface. and your mouse? an interface.

    the main part of the game (which has nothing to do with the screen in front of you) are the players and the interactions between them. its the politics. its the fear you feel when you are about to lose the pixels you worked months to get. speadsheets can’t do that.

    watching stuff explode is a small bonus.

  • thing2liv says:

    Well it is.At least for me, As I don’t care about “pretty pictures”. If I wanted to stare at space ships exploding I would go watch star Wars.
    Also the game IS mainly interfaces, Lets start with when your flying; On your left and right INTERFACES, below HI THEIR, and in center a display, Which doubles as an interface since you can put windows their, or click on ships and objects. think about which part isn’t an interface and come back to me on that.

  • kraloose says:

    every game out there breaks down to mathematical algorithms. hell anything on a computer. just because you can use part of the game to click name tags and shoot at scrolling numbers doesn’t mean that is the whole game.
    so no, eve is NOT mainly interfaces. i guess you didn’t watch the video. hell i didn’t even need to watch the video to know that.

  • LethalLithiumLi says:

    The best video ive seen. Ever. +1

  • thefinn12345 says:

    yeah and he’s ccp ????? who?

  • hobbesrs says:

    creator of battle clinic
    battleclinic . com

  • CommanderSyler says:

    03:01 how do u see that sir?
    oh wait SPAI spotted :)

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