Eve-Online: Absolution Command Ship in Action

This video show Absolution Command Ship in action, are a very nice movie, posted in eve-online forum some days ago.

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25 Responses to “Eve-Online: Absolution Command Ship in Action”

  • omgLordLituslol says:

    @BlazinNSoul grab the 14 day trial for free at eveonline*com and see how you feel

    the game is well worth it in my opinion, but it’s certainly not for everyone… that’s one of its many appeals. and not being able to put in tons of hours isn’t an issue as training up skills is time-based and not something you actively grind for… grinding is only done for money, and there’s quite a variety of ways to get paid, but if you’re just looking to get by it won’t take up much of your time at all

  • p0th3adny says:

    joining eve online is like being married….theres lots of waiting and only a couple exciting parts

  • Dakarn says:

    1-”This boring game still exists. Come on, which nerdy douchbag would play such a boring ass game…*click* I activated my cannons..*click* i’m circling the ennemy ship…*click* i activated my shield…peeeuu, peeeeuu, peeeuu. Turn around and round, peeeuuu, peeeuu.”
    me-”*click* I’m casting a fireball…*click* I’m casting a fireball…*click* I’m ca.. oops.. I’m dead. What’s the difference?”
    YOU –> “nigger thats wow and i hate mages HUNTERS FTW IN WOW”
    Try again, tard.


    @Dakarn nob i wasnt i was just stating my opinion dumb ass

  • Pallepop909 says:

    wow is full of Retarded Kids.. You have no clue who has played 4 year and 3 months cause they all got the best gear in the game .. Not to mention Nomatter How Messed up you play you just run back to your corps — .. Sounds like crap to me .. Grow some balls And install eve online

  • p0th3adny says:

    @Abdy101 im an ex-wow player just now getting into eve, but unlike most wow players i have found eve to be incredibly penetrative into my ass

  • TheLegendaryCynthia says:

    @Abdy101 What are the paying methods?

  • Abdy101 says:

    @TheLegendaryCynthia only $15 US a for one month, and cheaper per month if you buy more than 1 at a time

  • TheLegendaryCynthia says:

    @Abdy101 How much do you got to pay?

  • Abdy101 says:

    @GoDieInAPoolOfAids im an ex-wow player just now getting into eve, but unlike most wow players i have found eve to be incredibly involving and intriguing in many more ways than wow could ever be. Eve is superior to wow is every possible way and more

  • FreakinLaserBeams says:

    @BlazinNSoul Yes the game is worth it, at any level of activity. This game is pretty amazing, if you play it right. What I mean by that is the game is really at your hands, of course there are things that you can and cannot do, but the freedom is extreme (which make the game never get old). I can tell you now, that if YOU put your mind to it you can be PvPing against characters that have been playing since 2003 and win (rifter). No close comparisons to this game, but its epic.

  • BlazinNSoul says:

    @koolgosh Hey all I really need to know is this game really worth it.? I mean don’t get me wrong I absolutely love strategy games. Although taking like 4 to 6 months just to barely get anywhere seems excessive. If I am spending more time away from the game then in it won’t be worth it to me? The one game which came close to my limit was Hegemonia Legions of Iron. Great game and never really got tired of it. If anything like that or even HomeWorld I can put up with it? Is a Genus IQ required?

  • Dakarn says:

    @TNKZDAVROSTNKZ For fucks sake… stop replying to the highest rated comment. Find what it was in response to in order to figure out what the fuck I was saying.
    Fucking dumb asses. I swear.


    @Dakarn nigger thats wow and i hate mages HUNTERS FTW IN WOW

  • realcashsolutions says:

    Hey! I
    If you guys want a 30-day trial instead of the regular 14 day trial for Eve online! Message me. I can get you set up!

  • Ragemaster9999 says:

    Hey look! my favorite ship, absolution.

    Gotta put the sleipnier to the test though, it may replace it as my command ship of choice

  • gibblets17 says:

    @Dakarn highest rated sorry was there more i needed to know? i thought you where saying eve is no different then wow.

  • maggot129 says:

    @GoDieInAPoolOfAids well, saying that eve is as easy as wow is bullshit, i like both games very much, but i found eve more complex

  • Dakarn says:

    @gibblets17 Did you comment on the highest rated post, or did you actually read the thread?

  • gibblets17 says:

    @Dakarn mercs PIRATES YARR!!!! anti pirates mining corps manufacturing corps. market way more deep then wow. way bigger game world. free expansions! politics if thats your fancy, or you can care bear in high sec “safe Space” or you can just go on killing sprees in low sec or null sec.

  • gibblets17 says:

    @Dakarn velocity tracking dps tank signature radius cap draining ecm eccm dampening drones missile velocity explosion radius player owned stations REAL PVP die in a ship lose the ship. spies counter spies Intel counter Intel. sov hundreds of thousands of people on one server. minimal lag compared to wow. hundreds of people can fight and not see lag. larger battles which happen a lot. can see thousands on the field beautiful graphics. true differences between race. NO GRIND FOR SP! PVP PVP!!!

  • koolgosh says:

    This is called “PRO” dude, can’t wait for an Absol, this is AWSOME! for everyone that haven’t tried the game out, i recommend it. If you need a 21 game trial, PM me.

  • Yeaearl says:

    Shit bro you guys are tight your arsome!!!!! thats what team works about! you guys rock great work

  • Makedonwow says:

    @Dakarn I think he was being sarcastic about the shitty game part :)

  • Livingforpace says:

    @iFocusX01 the songs are from immediate music x-ray dog and the last is pirates of the Caribbean

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