Eve online Abaddon

My new Abaddon

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7 Responses to “Eve online Abaddon”

  • Prenihility says:

    MESHUGGAH! YEAH! Nice song selection dude, it surprised the hell out of me, hahaha. Shed would have been a good choice too.

  • MYTHcartoonist7 says:

    I agree, it looks pretty cool, I just wish it was a little faster though, “sigh”, well, you can’t have everthing.

  • grimlok85 says:

    Abaddon is the best looking amarr ship imo, thanks for the vid.

  • Flyelsker says:

    hehe, the abaddon is sexy yes, but i like the apocalypse better ;)

  • 04efi says:

    The abaddon is a great ship i tried putting fittings on it and found out the beam lasers are the best. you need your skills up for the cap on the ship is its weak spot but im working on tech two large beam now and i can hit about 145 km out its my snipe. dont fly it till you got the skills up.

  • graberoy says:

    hey man i love the abaddon i know ur vid is old but what modules do u have on it in the high and med slots im gunna by one just dnt know wat modules to fit :)

  • 04efi says:

    Yea i like it too

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