EVE Online: AAA’s school of ~Elite Nullsec PVP Blobbing – with Tornado’s [HD] 1080p

No copyright fringe intended on Brack Region. Much! AAA vs. CVA We just love Tornado’s, they are fast, versitile and pack a punch… but they do have a paper tank! but in this case the enemy were popping so fast we only lost 5 ships and killed 43! Yes we did outnumber them by over 2:! which technically meant we blobbed them, but meh still a good video! Frapster: Nashau Battle-report: eve-kill.net

I talk more about the controversy going on in EVE from a business standpoint. Hopefully, things will blow over. In my opinion, many of these players NEED to leave if they are “that” unhappy because they aren’t being realistic. And unfortunately, because their views are ancient, finding another MMO that has AND will maintain their viewpoint is close to zero. For example: One of their complaints is not about something important like game balance. They are mad because CCP took away the old hangar view and they can’t spin their ships anymore. www.eveonline.com The new changes will definitely help embrace new users coming from different MMOs. That old hangar view was horrible. After being able to walk/fly freely in other games, having to look at one window all the time makes a game that has the potential to be loads of fun look EXTREMELY boring. ==== Idon’t mind spoilers but I politely ask that, if you want to post a spoiler, put ******SPOILER****** above it so people can skip it if they’d like. Thank you. Disclaimer: EVE Online was developed by CCP. I am not affiliated with CCP. I purchased the game with my own funds. EVE Online: www.eveonline.com Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

39 Responses to “EVE Online: AAA’s school of ~Elite Nullsec PVP Blobbing – with Tornado’s [HD] 1080p”

  • SuperNhodge says:

    no blobbing vids are a dime a dozen not good fights or good videos

  • therealrh says:

    Jup, that skill is called stay in high sec.
    Takes about 1 minute in null sec to learn that skill.

  • Dmitry Komolov says:

    It is exactly about skill. Skill to avoid such situations with no way out

  • whymenotyou10 says:

    Maka rage best rage.

    if you’re not in -A-, you probably suck =)

  • EveOnline1000 says:

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  • kazansky22 says:

    I like maka rage, it keeps things fun

  • BlackSithDragon says:

    Maka has terrible rage, and that rage is even worse when he directs it to his allies helping him. Trust me. Nevertheless, Maka is good at Alpha fleets but back when we were doing high dps Geddon fleets he was struggling to call primaries fast enough. I am not calling Maka a terrible FC, cause from what I can tell he is one of the only ones in AAA who bothers to get off their arse and FC. It is just fact that Maka has utterly terrible rage… I’d still fly with him though.

  • taz28886 says:

    Its funny how ppl like to criticize maka’s rage and ignore his fleet command stats.

  • TheFreakyphin says:

    needs more bubbles!

  • BlackSithDragon says:

    I have flown with Mak a number of times and I gotta give it to him. He seems to of improved on the rage bit, and also, at least in this video, to of been getting his target calling/broadcasting down.

  • RonMexxico85 says:

    rofl -a- is shit even at youtube

  • lobiik says:


    at least our fc is chill~

  • therealrh says:

    And that is why i sometimes dislike pvp in eve.
    You basicly get outnumbered by such a huge amount that you die in a few seconds.
    Basicly has nothing to do with skill or anything.

  • speedytuning1 says:

    Stop killing me!!!
    Gf my vid wil come today.

  • maxkaplan says:

    Nice video that was a turkey shoot

  • Umedark says:

    lol, she ment 250,000

  • ThePBJain says:

    you need tritanium and condensed veldspar does give you tritanium so you didn’t have to come back and remine!

  • DarkWolfe117 says:

    Gold cap in wow is NOT 250g.. Trust me haha

  • Renvexer says:

    for many years, yes. Sometimes I spend more time playing with it than being on EVE. :p I have several skill plans for myself ^_^

  • synnistry says:

    I’ve been playing around with EVEMon – have you used that?

  • Renvexer says:

    Oh no problem ^_^ grats on the upgrade ^_^
    Eve fitting tool and/or EveHQ are your friends for everything fitting. Downloadable third party programs.
    EFT is a tool just for making theoretical fits. Any ship any mod.
    EveHQ is more a complete package for anything you could think of out of game with eve. Making fits, making skill plans, looking at requirements for things. There’s tools for other crap that i don’t use, but its there :p

  • synnistry says:

    My apologies for the delay in response – my computer is running stable today after an upgrade!

    Yeah, I was told that even if you have no intent of PvPing, players should know aggression mechanics. I’m learning fittings and aggression mechanics is next on the list!

  • Renvexer says:

    Aggression mechanics can get a bit complex, the more you go into it. I could go into it a lot more than these little comments allow. :/

  • Renvexer says:

    If someone is flagged to you they will go red in your overview. You see people who are Yellow in the overview this means they have bad security status. Don’t shoot them.

    If someone is flagged to you in hisec and they havent been concorded they probably stole and you probably have time to check this. So the best way to know if you can shoot someone is look in local or any chat channel they happen to be in. They will have a little red skull symbol that says OUTLAW when you mouse over.

  • Renvexer says:

    If you aggress someone in a non-violent way. (stealing or repairing a person who is flagged to that someone) in hisec, then you will be flagged for 15 minutes. You get a little yellow aggression timer up in your top right corner that says who you are flagged to if you mouse over it.

    They can shoot at you, but that doesn’t automatically mean you can shoot at them.

    Of course if they do shoot at you, you’re free to return fire.

  • synnistry says:

    Aaaah…yellow is someone elses…thanks! Do hostile players show up as red in high security zone or is it even possible for players to be hostile in high sec? I’m trying to find the equivalent to other MMOs – for example being PvP flagged or the opposite side being red to you.

  • Renvexer says:

    @synnistry White is your property, Yellow is someone elses, Blue is abandoned (free for anyone to take) 

  • Renvexer says:

    RULE NUMBER 1 “dont fly what you cant afford to lose” :D hearing the little nublets parrot the old guards golden rules makes me happy ^_^

  • synnistry says:

    Thank you! I gotta admit, playing with the market intrigues me especially since there isn’t a cap on how much I can make like in other MMOs.

  • emikochan13 says:

    Thanks for the videos, your opinion is worth hearing, tbh with your business experience you’ll probably be more powerful in EVE than you think :)

  • anth9rax says:

    I replied to your reply and sent isk, but need to speak to you ingame about the ship, will convo you next time your on.

  • synnistry says:

    I responded…thank you!

  • synnistry says:

    Just a heads up: the CSM met with CCP and a deal was done (so it seems). A statement will not be released today…they said ASAP.

    “We have finalized our statement, CCP is working on theirs. Arnar and Mittens have done a video discussion” @Trebor_CSM

    “These will be localized into Russian and German, and everything will be released ASAP — but not today.” @Trebor_CSM

    I’m actually nervous about what it will say! I pray it can heal the community.

  • anth9rax says:

    I sent you a mail in game.

  • synnistry says:

    Thank you! It’s Nyrael Elarik but that’s okay. I feel bad I’m coming into the game when there is so much turmoil. I do not think as a new player I should be able to catch up with you but I do think there is a way to compromise, like having the old view as an option (not the default) and working with the community to flesh out micro-transactions. There is always room for compromise if both sides are willing.

  • anth9rax says:

    How do you spell your characters name, I dont exactly agree with what your saying, however I promised you some isk in a post about your other video and I keep my promises.

  • synnistry says:

    I agree the loading screen is ridiculous but realistically, every MMO eventually evolves where the player has to alter the way they play. Ever one of them. CCP cannot realistically be any different. At least you don’t have to change characters, re-skill your toon and start over to adapt. That is what other users in other MMOs face. :(

  • synnistry says:

    I’ve seen them go to crap but what they are doing is trying to force a company to do something they don’t want to do. This only leads to broken promises. They want CCP to agree to NEVER sell non-vanity items. That’s just not realistic since it can be implemented properly where both sides win. Instead of trying to force CCP to say NO, they should be trying to work out a compromise IMO.

  • anth9rax says:

    You mention the old hanger view, but what you dont realise is the fact its speed thats the issue, not the enviroment or graphics, if you are in fight you often need to dock and change ships or fits fast, or if you are hunting for targets, you may have to check stations fast to see if they are there, this makes that very difficult indeed. When we dock we need to do what we need to do fast and get into the action.

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