EVE Online – A Trip to The Wormhole Space (part 3)

EVE On-line A Trip To The Wormhole Space Part III (3/3) Moar pahpahsorz. Credits. Here my adventure ends. 19.9 Gb of recorded scenes filled my hard drive. Well… what happened next? Dusky flew away – he was going down… Edward flew away – BARELY BARELY he was going down… 2009.03.01 14:39:44 Edward Hadon : 34% struc I flew away – BARELY warped away (54% Structure) Everyone warped at different place, so no goodbye scene (disk full anyway so…). I had to logoff, so i said goodbye and warped to the same wormhole i’ve entered the w-space. Again… thanks guys for the adventure, it was AWESOME! I wish every EVE player an adventure – even better than mine! See you in the EVE universe!

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25 Responses to “EVE Online – A Trip to The Wormhole Space (part 3)”

  • darian1968 says:

    at least your ships got out alive thats the main thing and on the test server thats even more fun. I need to get into it for more fun :) Flysafe you guys 0/

  • zzacckk says:

    That was just awesome. i cant wait to take a BS fleet into unknown space

  • MagusUnion says:

    @ducktopia301 You have to scan them down… they randomly appear everywhere in EVe, and lead to different places…

    Found one one time that lead right into our 0.0 camp from high-sec. lol…

  • 1993futuremarine says:

    man that armageddon was getting hammered

  • ducktopia301 says:

    where is this worm hole?

  • ducktopia301 says:


  • jakeurevig says:

    the Star Wars music makes it all the more epic.

  • Abband0n says:

    Awesome video’s. It definately LOOKED intense.

    Thats more of how I wish EVE was. You group up with friends and fight against NPC’s. Its even more awesome if you think about your group of strangers in T2 ships fighting together against aliens in T3 ships. Its just damn cool.

    The video’s also make me wish EVE had Combat manuevers where you as a whole fleet/group could put debuffs on enemy ships by pulling off certain manuevers.

  • viciokas1993 says:

    Oh, well, i encountered one cruiser in a roid belt, my probe (frigate) got owned so badly i returned with like 12% structure (thank god for a warp core stab, it was disrupting me O_o)

  • walquz says:

    The movie was recorded as soon as wormholes were deployed on SiSi, I didn’t know that the description was important, anyway I didn’t check it xD
    The number of Sleeper ships increses with the player count that is on a site at the moment… bigger fleet = more sleepers

  • viciokas1993 says:

    Good resistance yyou guys had there. Anyway, i think that in some complexes you need a whole fleet to survive. BTW, was it a deadly wormhole, a dangerous one or just a WH? (and once again i cant believe the DPS of those bs!)

  • Dazzy160 says:

    i’ve never seen a wormhole in eve before….but that area would’ve seriously tested the tank on my nighthawk

  • snooplucky777 says:

    Nice video, hope you will make more videos like this one:D tnx

  • foxandhunter says:

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  • walquz says:

    BPCs of course

  • starwarsmonkey8 says:

    Damn, a wrecking shot. Don’t see those too often. So what level of w-space was that? 3?

  • swords57 says:

    if you are doing logistics watch out whoever is doing the reping will be auto targeted even if others have agroo. these sleepers jumps agroo and can engege 2-3 ppl at once

  • Dracasis says:

    You do know you can just add people to your gang watch list rather then target them right? Unless your offering logistics support its a much better alternitive =P

  • walquz says:

    I don’t think Dusky tanked Sleepers’ with speed… i think he just had nice armor resistances (and a 800mm plate). He mentioned that he needs to NOS someone to make his tank more stable… so yeah, he definately went for resistances (instead of cap recharging).

  • Livingforpace says:

    thx :)

  • ian666german says:

    Tell us more about the guy in the Pilgrim please ;-) I’m interested in how well smaller ships perform in there ?

    Thnx in advance

  • walquz says:

    Proge launcher with Core Scanner Probes. Wormhole is a cosmic signature ;)

  • Livingforpace says:

    what do you need to scan for a worm?

  • jamesflynnesq says:

    Nice little trilogy there. Well told and commented. Makes a nice change from the usual bullshit EVE vids on here where you see some guy spasmodically rotating and view-switching to the sounds of his favourite teenage rock band.

  • walquz says:

    I’ve arrived at w-space at 1 pm. I’ve said my goodbyes to fleet mates at 2:42 pm.

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