EVE Online – A Trip to The Wormhole Space (part 2)

EVE On-line A Trip to The Wormhole Space Part II (2/3) Part 2 of my little adventure. My fleet is joining the small fight in which i am to help me destroying those small nasty ships. Lots of pahpahsorz here.

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  • ZoruaZorroark says:

    i so need to get back into eve and play with a few sleepers

  • TheMrDVDirect says:

    haha its like galxa XD

  • tunder545 says:

    I’ve always wondered, if you put up a POS in Worm Space and build a Moros for example. Are you able to cyno it in to a sleeper site? Not from Empire space, I mean straight from Worm Hole space.

  • roywoodjr1 says:

    holy failfit batman!!!!! two copros in lows!

  • Disturbed246810 says:

    Which lasers is the Armageddon using? Pulse or Beam? And if possible the name of the exact guns.

  • plaza525 says:

    I like the star wars music at the end =D

  • walquz says:

    Well keep in mind that this vid was recorded on SiSi, before Apocrypha was released… NPCs might have been nerfed or something.
    Keep in mind that I wasn’t the only one there, and it took very long to destroy the NPCs. More ships = more npcs.

  • rooloo0 says:

    were going into one with our corp soon

    we go with 10 abbadons 4 harbingers and some cruisers for backup repairing and stuf

  • jakeurevig says:

    i once went with a couple mates. we had 2 arbitrators a prophecy and i was in a punisher. we lasted 2 spawns remote repping whoever was primary for the drones. the thire round was when the BS came and popped me after 2 torps. we all lost our ships except for the prophecy cuz he aligned when the BS came and warped when we lost ourfirst ship (which was me in my frig)

  • viciokas1993 says:

    OH MY F***ing GOD! Those BS would destroy me and my drones and everything arround in 1 volley. *Chokes

  • EvEmonkey4444 says:

    i went in ealier today and we hjad a HAC (zealot) me in a bs (armageddon) 2 people in bc this was after everyone joined we started with much less a thorax (cruiser) and a destroyer

  • valcan321 says:

    haha geddon power

  • walquz says:

    Ow, right…
    I FAIL :D

  • edito777 says:

    Well, actually i was referring to the star wars music as quite fitting to the subject. But. yes, the fitting is nice as well.

  • foxandhunter says:

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  • walquz says:

    The fitting worked pretty well, but i should have taken T1 cruise missiles… I’ve learned something about the signature radius ;/
    Perma Cap Tank would be awesome there.
    Star Wars Music m/

  • edito777 says:

    Good Star Wars music. Quite fitting as well ;D

  • walquz says:

    I don’t remember it exactly at the moment… but i think it was ~5 minutes of shooting one sleeper ship… both frigate class and cruiser class.
    I have to admit, that it was easier to destroy a Sleeper BS than a sleeper frigate…

  • scar9000 says:

    These Sleepers look Near Impossible to kill. How long did it take to kill a single one ? with 4 ships !

  • warp1drive says:

    Kool dude 5/5 and kool end music

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