eve online: 3 titans avatar, leviathan, erebus

a video about 3 titans the erbus, avatar and leviathan, the leviathan uses somekind of doomsday but didnt do damage but the avatar did also and i could handle it. people stop asking about that DD its all in the comment, a Gm did that and he made it do no dmg somehow. All american rejects – Top of the World

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  • DarkLycanthrope says:

    I can’t agree unless it’s not constructive criticism to help improve the authors next project. All other comments that’s just pure negative without why or what could be done better doesn’t help and would be as you call it “bitch whining”.

  • SeffyRoth says:

    I read the greatest story of a Titan being destroyed today. It was purely legendary sounding. No, it WAS legendary…

  • Surgeification says:

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  • GlitchPros says:

    nice spelling.

  • MRohCRACKER says:




  • atwoods3 says:

    Message me with your email address to receive a 21 day buddy invite. Also if you decide to subscribe to the game i’ll send you 250 million isk. Dont believe anyone claiming to offer a 30 day trial there is no such thing. the longest possible trial period is 21 days.

  • Tholdrinn says:

    yea… like people in Warhammer like to say – we do not have a chance they are too many! Nonsence, that is why there you cant go through playerz, there is a terain and so many team skillz. When you first see an coordinated allinace that just crush enemy zerg to dust in 1:3 of total fighters ratio, destroy the gates of their capital city, plunder their resources and humiliate them and their pride, you start to understand. And when you first time stand in the formation you feel godlike!

  • DIEyaBOlik says:

    first of all, The All American Rejects are freakin awesome, your just jealous because they make more money than you do. and why would you get on a video and talk Shtt. just dont even dislike just hate it by yourself. and 42 likes for this troll. god you ppl are stupid

  • MSK120 says:

    2:08 That Leviathan gets explosive diarrhea.

  • Executus300 says:

    Youtube comments bore me.

  • freeevetrials says:

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  • CydexaN says:

    music ? 

  • michaelleytham says:

    @videogamerforcod5 yea it would if you buy it from a market lol people that fly a titain better have a support account…i do

  • smitony2 says:

    @videogamerforcod5 and? Overheating guns on a battlecruser cost 1mil in repair costs.

  • Eveinvites says:

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  • videolord3 says:

    if he was piloting the leviathan then how did he have hybrid turret ammo picture in botem right a leviathan cant equip turrets it can only equip launchers meaning…HE IS NOT THE LEVIATHAN

  • Tyler31246 says:

    awww no giant rustbucket :( 

  • uraniumproductionz says:

    2:41 it looked like it lit a levithan fart on fire

  • TheAlphaFrag says:

    Were you PILOTING the Leviathan? You lucky bastard.


    no it dont give out virus its fun to play come and join us just look up my name nicholas 893 killzone

  • KILLER3601000 says:

    dose eve give a virus


    where is that so i can see the im new on eve and what you guys do is so cool

  • Shredow2 says:

    Experiencing it is awesome but watching it is boring.

  • Averyfane says:

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