EVE Online: 3 Goonswarm Federation Supercarriers killed in EWOK-K

Elitistops recruitment in action! Ordo GArr decides to leave GSF and join PL, steals 30B ISK in loans and cynos 3 supercarriers into a PL trap. Killmails: www.pandemic-legion.com www.pandemic-legion.com www.pandemic-legion.com Interested in trying out Eve? PM meyour email address and I’ll send you a 21-day free trial (instead of the regular 14 day trial). Should get back to you within a day. Want to join our corp? If you aren’t terrible head to www.pandemic-legion.com make an account and post a thread in the ISRAD subforum and we’ll consider you. Video by Frocke

This video is a teaser I threw together. I’m not sure when the main one will come out. All footage was captured from EVE Online game play. EVE Online 14 day free trial (No credit card required) at secure.eve-online.com CCP Games’ Youtube channel :www.youtube.com

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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