EvE Online : 1v1 Frigate Tournament (new rules)

These are the rules for the matches, as clear as I can make them. 1 versus 1 only. T1 Frigate (no Faction frigates) T1/T2 Gear and Named Gear (no faction gear please) T1/T2 ammo/missiles/drones Rigs OK A central point will be set, if you go more than 150km from that point, you are disqualified. If you warp out of battle, you will be disqualified. 10 Minute time limit Double Elimination 1 point for victory .5 point for stalemate 0 points for loss If there is a tie for winner, they’ll face off. There may be a battle royale at the end. For fun. Tips: If you’re paranoid about losing your implants, bring a jump clone. You are not limited to one ship/fitting, so you may change between battles if you feel you must. Bring at least 2 frigates to fight with, (3 if you want to battle royale or in case of tie breaker) Frigates are about speed. Consider a MWD. Rifters, Punishers, Merlins and Incursus are among the most succesful 1v1 frigates. VGMechanica. We’re a bunch of gamers who like to play games. You’re welcome to game with us, and get in the videos (at least of the online games)! Our gaming schedule is posted here: www.vgmechanica.com We try to adhere to it, but it isn’t always possible. If you’d like us to play through a specific game, suggest it here: www.vgmechanica.com If you’re curious about our computer specs, look here: www.vgmechanica.com As always, our website is : www.VGMechanica.com

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