EVE Online 0-W fight.

Fight in 0-W. The siege had already been going on for almost a hour before I got there. Music: Stabbing Westward – Save Yourself

Drake Mission Run

8 Responses to “EVE Online 0-W fight.”

  • SergeantBeans says:

    nice footage man =) it’s cool watching all the laser turrets 

  • snugglenuts456 says:

    I….I love you.

  • Kurruptionist911 says:

    I see us in chat! o/

    This vid gets nicer the more I watch it, nice job man. I’m guessing there was no lag due to the super-ultra-mega reinforced node that PL would of demanded for lawl. I wish i could have got down there in a cloaky something-or-other…

    From your moros companion/slave, kurrupt! ;-)

  • unihitter09 says:

    Atlas are a spent force it’s now just a matter of time & effort & they will be sent back to highsec or empire space for a 2nd time (Or is it higher?)

  • snugglenuts456 says:

    I have no idea man. I just was not getting that much lag.

  • TehBigMD says:

    eh sounds like false info to me, im pretty sure atlas decided not to do anything about it, why would that? 28 titans on the field, and atlas being at an undock disadvantage, i sure as hell wouldnt want to lose billions, perhaps trillions, worth of ships…

  • Batttlekiller says:

    jesus enough titans on the field, btw i think help really didnt hepl becuase of some many supercaps and other crap

  • Mikrosrot says:

    what is that for fit lol?

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