EVE Online – レッスン 2 – 基礎クラス 2 of 3

以下の目次をクリックしてそのトピックスに飛んでください。 1:14 Skill Que 5:12 Overview 11:17 Heads Up Display 21:12 Economy Of EVE 34:27 Implants 37:23 Clones 44:14 Boosters 50:38 Attributes www.eve-nacho.com ネオアカ コーポレーションNeo Academic Class Helping Office 当コーポレーションでは初心者プレーヤーさんと共にEVE Online を楽みたいと思っています。 – 週一度のイベント- コーポレーションメンバーと一緒にミッション、マイニングなどのオペレーション- CEO, 幹部合わせて日本とアメリカ時間でもIN 是非我がネオアカ、NEOAC コーポまでご応募ください。 チャットウインドーの右上にある”Open Channel Window”のボタンを押し、NACHO PUBLICまでお気軽に日本語でどうぞ。

This is not an official mining op but an improvised mining fleet with orca boosts. The actual boosts are +15% yield and -30% cycle time.

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  • fugaku666 says:


  • jyosu16625 says:


  • DrH5N1 says:

    They have Drones to defend themself and fighters in the orca Bay

  • rufus wellington says:

    What if a Enemy fleet attacked you guys?! Like what would happen? I’m new to all this I want to know what risk you take when doing fleet operations. Liike do you guys have a warp destination or do you guys have a frigate gang to intercept enemy ships. Reinforcements?

    Answer these questions please thanks

    friendly youtuber

  • darcey0000 says:

    Can’t wait to get a hulk.

  • jesse ostrander says:

    i was mining in a industrial

  • BRONCOS997 says:

    i love fleet mining! its looks so cool, but you should get someone with guns just incase someone steels from your cans. good vid tho :)

  • Wargargble says:

    i wish i had such luck 2 finding a good corp, show us some wh stuff i want 2 see whats inside one

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